Aug 25, 2020 2:00 PM

Mark Osburn gets one in the air ©David Murrell web
Mark Osburn gets one in the air. ©David Murrell.

With the Texas Arena League (TAL), Pacific Coast Arena League (PCAL) and other arena leagues gaining momentum, arena polo is looking up for 2020. More polo arenas are being built and improved thanks to the USPA Polo Development Initiative (PDI); polo school students are being gradually introduced into the sport through arena tournaments while seasoned players are enjoying the quick play that arena polo provides.

In 2019, the USPA announced the new format of the National Arena Amateur Cup (NAAC). Individuals competing in National, Circuit and Sanctioned arena events will earn points based on the number of teams in the tournament and their team’s standing within that tournament.

So far, 21 USPA arena tournaments have been played, with participants representing 17 USPA Member Clubs, with more tournaments on the calendar to qualify for NAAC points. The NAAC Committee tallies points for the individuals once clubs submit tournament results to the USPA. Players with the highest points will be eligible to play in the National Arena Amateur Cup being held at Legend's Polo Club in Kaufman, Texas, in November 2020.

If you are interested in raising your points level or competing in the NAAC, encourage your club to host USPA arena events, look for a USPA arena tournament near you or consider traveling to one of the arena tournaments where horse lease is available. USPA arena tournaments are also eligible for the USPA COVID-19 Tournament Stimulus Package.

In addition to NAAC points, Circuit and National arena events are eligible for: