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National Youth Tournament Series (NYTS)

The NYTS program was established to provide youth players the opportunity to compete with and against their peers in USPA outdoor tournaments. At each qualifier, All-Stars are selected by an appointed committee based on their horsemanship, sportsmanship, playing ability at their current handicap and ability to play as a member of a team. All-Stars are then eligible to be selected to advance to the National Championship. Clubs are encouraged to run NYTS qualifiers in conjunction with unrated youth polo chukkers for beginner and intermediate players.
The NYTS Qualifier itself has been designed for advanced youth players, those capable of holding a minimum of a -1 handicap.

NYTS Girls' Game 2021


  • PLAYERS BORN after 1/1/2005 and who are USPA members in good standing will be eligible to compete in NYTS.
  • PLAY ANYWHERE – You may be awarded ALL-STAR at any qualifier, and your name will be added to the list of eligible players to be chosen to represent your home club region.
  • USPA CLUBS - To host a NYTS Qualifier Tournament, please email to secure your date. Clubs are required to submit a tournament application online through the tournament portal.


NYTS Qualifier Tournaments are hosted by USPA Clubs across the United States and Canada. Players interested in participating should contact the club directly to sign-up. The NYTS schedule (below) is updated regularly.

NYTS All-Stars

At each qualifier, All-Stars are selected based on their horsemanship, sportsmanship, playing ability at current handicap, and ability to play as a member of the team.

All-Star Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many All-Stars are awarded per tournament?
The number of All Stars selected is determined by the number of teams in the
2 teams: 4 All-Stars 3 teams: 5 All-Stars 4 teams: 7 All-Stars 5 teams: 8 All-Stars 6 teams: 9 All-Stars

2. Do All-Stars have to win the tournament?
No, All-Stars may be selected from any participating team.

3. What does it mean to be selected as an All-Star?
Players for the four open teams and four girls teams will be selected from the complete list of All-Star nominations.

4. Who selects the players that advance to the National Championships?
There are Selection Committees for each of the open and girls teams who will carefully review the list of All-Stars nominated at each event. The Selection Committees will use the scorecards submitted by the host clubs when making their team selections for both divisions.

2024 NYTS Championship

La Herradura Polo Club Santa Ynez, CA

September 11-15

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NYTS Host Clubs

USPA Clubs interested in hosting a NYTS tournament should contact

The NYTS Team works with each club on scheduling and support through the day of the tournament.

For information on the NYTS shootout procedure, inclement weather policy and other NYTS specific Tournament Conditions, please refer to the USPA White Book.