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MISSION STATEMENT: Services division operates as the “hub” of all USPA functions; it maintains the administrative and operational infrastructure within which all divisions, LLCs, clubs, and members participate. The services not provided by the LLCs for their operation are generally provided by Services in support of the LLCs and USPA.

Executive Director: Robert Puetz
Services Staff: Lindsay Dolan, Lindsey Ebersbach, Matthew Baran, Summer Keeney, Cristina Fernandez, James Dodge, Melissa Gerlitz

Services Committees

Mission Statement: The Arena Committee is the successor of the Indoor Polo Association. Its mission is to manage arena polo within the USPA as well as organize, promote and develop arena polo with member clubs and players. The committee seeks to differentiate arena polo as an exciting, competitive and alternative version of the sport polo, as well as an invaluable teaching polo format. The committee’s initiatives and responsibilities include arena rules, arena handicaps, high-goal arena polo, arena tournaments, international arena polo, I/I and women’s arena polo.

Committee Chair: Daniel Coleman
Committee Vice-Chair: Edward Armstrong, Robin Sanchez
Executive Staff: Robert Puetz
Committee Staff: Lindsey Ebersbach, Interim
Arena Handicap Chairman: Thomas Goodspeed
Committee Members: Daniel Scheraga, David Eldredge, Dennis Geiler, James DeAngelis, Karl Hilberg, Lisa Nousek, Louis Lopez Jr., Mark Gillespie, Megan Judge, Robert Ceparano, Robert Lyn-Kee-Chow, Robin Sanchez, Rodney Fragodt, Thomas Biddle Jr., Tom Goodspeed, Tony Yahyai, Sarah Coleman, Raymond Noh, Jillian Bowman, Jorge Vasquez, Jennifer Williams, Chris Green

Mission Statement: The mission of the Armed Forces Committee, in recognition of the great history and connection between the sport of polo and our armed Forces, seeks to create opportunities to support and bridge the armed forces and the polo communities through the promotion of events supporting the military community and the development of partnerships to increase military participation in the sport of polo.

Committee Chair: Karl Hilberg 
Vice-Chairman: Mark Gillespie
Executive Staff: Robert Puetz
Committee Staff: Matt Baran

Committee Members: Steve Armour, John Blankenship, James Burton, Avery Chapman, Dan Colhoun, Dean Daggett, Barbara Donahue, Jake Flournoy, Roman Fontes, Allen Hoe, Gary Knoll, Joseph Meyer, Pat Nesbitt, Rob Phipps, Parker Scott, Steven Smith, Lisa Snow, Marisa Tanner, Steve Walsh, Mike Yermakov

Mission Statement:The purpose and primary function of the USPA Audit Committee shall be to assist the Board of Governors of the USPA (the “Board”) in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for (a) the integrity of the USPA’s financial statements, (b) the USPA’s compliance with any legal and regulatory requirements, (c) the independent auditors qualifications and independence, and (d) the performance of the USPA’s internal audit function and that of the independent auditors. (From the Audit Committee Charter)

Committee Chair: Eugene Burk
Executive Staff: Susan Present, CPA, CGMA, CFE
Committee Members: Steven Rudolph, Charles Stanislawski 

MISSION STATEMENT:The mission of the USPA Board and Staff Development Committee is to, on an ongoing basis, study and offer recommendations on the establishment and continuous improvement of an efficient, staff-driven organizational structure. The Committee shall provide advice and support to the Association’s Chief Executive Officer in USPA personnel matters and offer advice and support to the Association’s Chairman in all matters relating to USPA Board of Governors and USPA Limited Liability Companies development. The Committee shall study USPA mission statement objectives and make recommendations to achieve stated goals, correct deficiencies and ensure consistency, continuity and clarity in all areas of the Association.

Committee Chair: Joseph Muldoon
Executive Staff: Susan Present
Committee Staff: Beverly Basist
Committee Members: Britt Baker, Charles Smith, David Ragland, Leighton Jordan, Tom Gose, Erica Gandomcar-Sachs, Steve Orthwein, Jr., Dan Walker

Mission Statement: The mission of the Constitution Committee is to advise the USPA Chairman, Executive Committee, Board of Governors, Delegates and staff about all aspects of the USPA Constitution, By-Laws, Strategic Planning and Governance. The Committee shall prepare appropriate language to affect changes to the USPA Constitution and By-Laws as directed by the Board of Governors, other Committees or on its own initiative. The Committee shall prepare other resolutions, opinions and documentation as required to effect efficient and stable Governance.

Chairman: Paul Jornayvaz
Committee Vice-Chair: Avery Chapman
Executive Staff: Robert Puetz
Lindsey Ebersbach                                  Committee Members: Steven Armour, Joe Muldoon

Mission Statement: To recognize the value of the polo pony to the sport and to advise the USPA Chairman and Executive Committee on all aspects of the care and well-being of polo ponies. And to carry out Committee-driven programs to ensure that polo ponies are treated in accordance with humane guidelines as established by this committee.

Committee Chair: Mark Sedacca
Executive Staff: Robert Puetz

Committee Staff: Lindsay Dolan

Drugs and Medication: Dr. Mike Manno
Equine Awards: Mary Muldoon
Equine Wefare Publications: Aimee Waters
International: Clint Nangle
Unwanted Horse: Lydia Sudick
Distress Fund: Dawn Weber

Committee Members: Dr. Richard Caleel, Avery Chapman, Tania Evans, Brittany Halstead, Keller Henderson, Kirsten Ludwig, Mike Manno DVM, Mary Muldoon, Yarrow Pallo, Gwen Rizzo, Cissie Snow, David Strouss, Lydia Sudick, Juan Villamil, Aimee Waters, Dawn Weber, Jessie Weir, Gillian Young

Mission Statement: The mission of the Finance Committee is to provide the USPA Chairman and Board of Governors direction for the fiscal responsibility of the USPA. This is achieved by a regular review of the organization’s financial statements along with the approval of the annual budget with submission to the full Board of Governors for approval, ensuring all are consistent with the strategic objectives and mission of the USPA. The Finance Committee also seeks to prudently manage organizational investments consistent with the duties outlined by the USPA’s Investor Policy and Guidelines.

Chairman: Samuel Ramirez Jr.
Executive Staff: Susan Present, Robert Puetz
Committee Members: Chip Campbell III, Avery Chapman, Jake Flournoy, Dennis Geiler, Thomas Gose, Joseph Meyer, Joseph Muldoon, James Parr, Hutch Radcliff

Mission Statement: To advise the Chairman and BOG and committee chairs on all aspects of high-goal polo in the US. To be the communication channel between the USPA and high-goal community including club managers, high-goal sponsors, and high-goal professionals. To grow and promote the sport of polo at its highest level around the US.

Committee Chair: Maureen Brennan
Executive Staff: Robert Puetz
Committee Staff: Lindsey Ebersbach 
Committee Members: Marc Ganzi, Jeff Hildebrand, Chris Stratemann, Roberto Zedda, James Newman, Charles Muldoon, Thomas Gose, 

International high-goal Rules: Marc Ganzi, Martin Pepa, Charlie Muldoon, Tom Gose
high-goal Handicap Policy Recomendations: Roberto Zedda, Bob Puetz, Maureen Brennan
high-goal Professional Polo Subcommittee: Maureen Brennan, Bob Puetz, Bob Jornayvaz, Bob Parr, Avery Chapman, Matthew McCartin, Matt Baran

Mission Statement: The mission of the International Committee is to build and improve USPA membership by facilitating and promoting international polo events, including tournaments, umpire and player clinics to foster international fellowship and sportsmanship. The committee will cooperate with National Polo Associations, The Federation of International Polo, The Pan-American International Polo Foundation, The United States Olympic Committee and all other interested qualified groups or individuals in achieving its goals.

Committee Chair: George Dill
Executive Staff: Robet Puetz
Committee Staff: Lindsey Ebersbach
Committee Members: Paige Beard, Bruce Colley, Melissa Ganzi, Glen Holden, Robert Leary, Robert Miller, Clint Nangle, Stephen Orthwein, Samuel Ramirez, Wesley Ru, Paul von Gontard, Derek Wolstenholme, Richard Caleel, Doreen Ladin, Lydia Suddick, Edward Armstrong, Geraldine Strunsky, Mark Gillespie, Patrick Nesbit, Tony Yahyai, Chris Dawson, Mark Gillespie, Olson Fenwick

Mission Statement: The mission of the Handicap Committee is to fulfill the highest standards of selecting an Outdoor/Indoor Handicap in service to any USPA member through the essential practices of honesty and integrity as we utilize the approved system of peer evaluation/observation by the Delegates of USPA Member Clubs, approved Circuit Handicap Chairmen, selected National Handicap Committee members and approval of the USPA National Handicap Chairman. To have regular meetings and procedures in selecting handicaps for those USPA members who have competed in the sport of polo in order to create the fairest possible competitive environment within the structure of the USPA and to make those handicaps publicly available to all members.

Committee Chair: Stephen Orthwein Jr.
Executive Staff: Robert Puetz
Committee Staff: Lindsay Dolan

Committee Members: Pete Alworth, Carlucho Arellano, Kelly Beal, Tommy Biddle, Graham Bray, Maureen Brennan, Mike Carney, Joey Casey, Anthony Coppola, Herman Louis-DeCoite, George Dill, Luis Escobar, Thomas Goodspeed, Robert Jornayvaz, Adren Nance, Charles Muldoon, Steve Lane, Martin Pepa, Peter Rizzo, Trey Schott, Tom Uskup

Arena Handicap: Thomas Goodspeed
Women's Handicap: Maureen Brennan
19 and Under Handicap: Mark Sedacca

Mission Statement: The Nominating Committee shall consist of seven Registered Players, five of whom shall be members of the Board of Governors and four of whom shall be Circuit Governors. This committee will meet annually to consider and nominate a slate of Officers. This slate of Officers is to be conveyed to the Secretary of the Association at least two weeks in advance of the Board of Governors meeting prior to the Annual Meeting.

Committee Chair: Chuck Weaver
Executive Staff: Robert Puetz
Committee Staff: Lindsey Ebersbach
Committee Members: Leighton Jordan, Paul Jornayvaz, Erica Gandomcar-Sachs, David Ragland, Bob McMurtry, Maureen Brennan

Mission Statement: The mission of the Rules Committee is to advise the USPA Chairman and Board of Governors about all aspects of the USPA Rules and Rules Interpretations.

Committee Chair: Thomas Gose
Executive Staff: Charles Muldoon, Robert Puetz
Staff: Maggie Mitchell, Steve Lane, Lindsey Ebersbach
Committee Members:  Mark Sedacca, Chris Green, Melanja Jones, Mike Carney, Stewart Armstrong, Toby Wayman, Carlucho Arellano, and Jeffrey Scheraga

Arena Rules Subcommittee: 
Chairman: Chris Green
Executive Staff: Charles Muldoon, Robert Puetz      
Staff: Lindsey Ebersbach, Bradley Biddle
Committee Members: Tommy Biddle, David Eldridge, Amy Fraser, Tom Goodspeed, Steve Lane, Lisa Nousek, Robin Sanchez, Danny Scheraga
Ex-Officio Members: Tom Gose, David Wenning

Mission Statement: The mission of the Safety Committee is to advise the USPA Chairman and Board of Governors of all safety aspects of polo through injury research, injury prevention and testing of protective gear, as well as communication of safety information and safety recommendations to polo players and polo officials.

Committee Chair: Dr. Thor Norregaard
Executive Staff: Robert Puetz
Committee Staff: Lindsay Dolan
Committee Members: Chrys Beal, Tony Coppola, William Bennett, Avery Chapman, Robert Donahey, Stan Feldman, Clint Nangle, Stephen Seager, Charles Weaver, Dr. Vic Ramon, Diana Palmer, Stephanie Riemanns, Robin Sanchez

Safety Resource:

Mission Statement: To promote the sport of polo in the United States through responsible consideration and recommendation for the approval of tournament matches and events. It is the Tournament Committee’s responsibility to preserve the history and tradition of the sport of polo; encourage interest in the sport of polo; elevate the standards of play; promote involvement and the overall vitality of the game; and stimulate the growth of tournament play at all levels by hosting USPA Sanctioned, Circuit and National tournaments at USPA member clubs. The Tournament Committee promotes an emphasis on sportsmanship, fairness and safety, while expanding the opportunities for professionals, amateurs, umpires, clubs, sponsors and spectators.

Committee Chair: Michael Carney
Executive Staff: Robert Puetz
Committee Staff: Lindsey Ebersbach
Committee Members: Anthony Coppola, Charles Smith, Peter Poor, Daniel Walker, Ed Armstrong, James A. Newman, Jeff Hall, Jennifer McLeavy, Maureen Brennan, Stephen Orthwein Jr., Steve Armour, Stormie Hale, Toby Wayman, Stewart Armstrong, Melanja Jones

Mission Statement: The mission of the Women’s Polo Committee is to encourage and increase the participation of women in all aspects of the USPA, to improve the standard of women’s polo throughout the USA and to facilitate the communication and networking of women in polo all over the world. 

Committee Chair: Erica Gandomcar-Sachs
Executive Staff: Robert Puetz
Committee Staff: Lindsay Dolan
Committee Members: Chrys D. Beal, Lynn Thompson, Maureen C. Brennan, Monica Ganley, Jessica Goldstein, Lesley Ann Fong-Yee, Stormie Hale, Janine Mills, Clint Nangle, Karen Reese, Arshia Rios, Bridget Sibson, Joanne M. Smicklas, Julia Smith, Gillian Young

Women’s World Cup


Mission Statement: The USPA Marketing, LLC’s mission is to help grow the sport of polo as measured by an increase in players, spectators and sponsors. The USPA Marketing, LLC will do this by providing and coordinating all national promotion and marketing of the sport including: branding, advertising, press relations, television and internet broadcast, digital media, special events, strategic partnerships and national sponsorship programs.

Chairman: Scott Walker
Executive Staff: Robert Puetz
USPA Staff: Matt Baran
USPAGL Staff: Shannon Stilson, Marianne Johnson
Board Members: Bruce Colley, Christopher Dawson, Leighton Jordon, Erica Gandomcar-Sachs


Mission Statement: Develop, institute and manage USPA programs that grow polo through education, development and assistance, thereby fortifying clubs and membership. This includes the training and development of players of all ages and the training, educating and certification of instructors as well as the administration and evaluation of the PDI assistance to clubs. These programs will be the positive face of the USPA to clubs across the country.

Chairman: Charles Smith
Executive Director: Kris Bowman
Board Members: Chrys Beal, Dennis Geiler, David Wenning, David Ragland

Polo Development Committees

Mission Statement: The mission of the Club and Membership Committee is to promote the sport of polo in the United States through conceiving and developing programs and strategies to increase membership, improve the quality of the polo experience by its membership and to retain clubs and membership. This will be done by creating programs such as Polo Development Initiative, Regional Polo Centers and other strategic club and membership programs. Once developed, these programs and strategies are disseminated to the membership through our network of clubs.

Committee Chair: Dennis Geiler
Executive Staff: Kristine Bowman
Committee Staff: Justin Powers
Committee Members: Dennis Geiler, Lesley Ann Fong-Yee, Steven Armour, Chrys Beal, Max Duarte, Julie Empey, Kyle Fargey, Ilene Tognini, Thomas Goodspeed, Jef Graham, Glenn Hart, Jim Huber, Megan Judge, Richard Lara, Scott Lancaster, Erik Wright, Mark Nance, Margaret Paur, Robin Sanchez, Scott Walker, Ed Armstrong, Jim DeAngelis, David Brooks, Sheila Everett, Dan Coleman, Melanja Jones

Mission Statement: The mission of the Intercollegiate/Interscholastic (I/I) Committee of the United States Polo Association (USPA) is to promote and grow the sport of polo by providing maximum exposure to the sport; recruiting collegiate and scholastic institutions; coordinating activities of member schools and players; providing for organized competition including sponsoring and administering regional and national tournaments with an emphasis on sportsmanship, fairness and safety; and by effectively utilizing funding for the benefit of I/I activities.

Committee Chair: David Wenning
Committee Staff: Amy Fraser, Ali Davidge, Emily Dewey

NHTC Members: David Wenning, Dr. Philip Abel, Robert Lyn-Kee Chow, Miranda Luna
I/I EC Board: Stephen Orthwein Jr., Miranda Luna, Tom Wisehart, Stan Feldman, David Wenning

Mission Statement: To cultivate and promote junior polo throughout the United States by providing the organizational structure to support junior polo clinics, tournaments and international competition. The program will utilize Regional Polo Center instructors, experienced Team USPA members and other qualified instructors as mentors and clinicians. Junior Polo will also work with US Pony Club and other youth equestrian organizations to develop new playing members of the USPA.

Committee Chair: Chrys Beal
Executive Staff: Kristine Bowman
Committee Staff: Amanda Snow, Liz Holson
Committee Members: Brandon Alcott, Haley Bryan, Teal Lachlan, Margaret Paur, Charles Smith, Nick Snow, Carolyn Stimmel
NYTS Subcommittee: Chrys Beal, Chair, Amanda Snow
Staff: Kris Bowman, Haley Bryan, Kelly Price, Nick Snow, Carolyn Stimmel

Mission Statement: The mission of the Team USPA Committee is to enhance and grow the sport of polo in the United States by identifying young, talented American players and providing mentored training and playing opportunities leading to a pool of higher rated amateur and pro players and the resultant giveback to the sport of polo.

Committee Chair: Charles Smith
Executive Staff: Kristine Bowman
Committee Staff: Amanda Snow
Committee Members: Steve Armour, Chrys Beal, Thomas Gose, Gillian Johnston, Joseph Meyer, Charles Muldoon, James Newman, Owen Rinehart, Peter Rizzo, Adam Snow, Tommy Wayman


Mission Statement: The mission of the USPA Umpires, LLC, is to support all aspects of the umpire services and programs within the United States Polo Association. This includes training and certification, support of the USPA professional umpires, the club and circuit umpire expense reimbursement program, along with the umpire exchange program.

Chair: Britt Baker
Executive Staff: Charles Muldoon
Staff: Steve Lane, Maggie Mitchell, Bradley Biddle
Board Members: Thomas Biddle Sr., Thomas Gose, Stewart Armstrong, Dale Smicklas



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