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This heart-pounding competition is a true survival of the fittest as the world's preeminent teams, most skilled athletes and finest horses will come together for three months to battle head-to-head for the coveted C.V. Whitney Cup, USPA Gold Cup® and the U.S. Open Polo Championship®.

The prize, the richest in the sport. The competitors, the best in the world. The location, like no other. For polo teams, athletes, fans and sponsors the GAUNTLET OF POLO® is polo's toughest test. Any team who consecutively sweeps all three tournaments will earn their place in history as the 2024 GAUNTLET Champion.

U.S. Open Polo Championship®

Tournament Games

March 27th - April 21st

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All teams will play four preliminary matches each. Following the conclusion of preliminary play, all teams will be ranked 1-9. The top four ranked teams will draw for semifinal pairings with the winners of the semifinals advancing to the U.S. Open Polo Championship final.

Any ties between teams that played each other will be broken by who-beat-who. All other ties will be broken by a one-player shootout.



The Teams

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Clearwater team logo
Clearwater (CLE)
Chip Campbell (1)
Edward 'Camp' Campbell (2)
Felipe Vercellino (7)
Geronimo Obregon (5)
Jared Zenni (6)
Lucas 'Luckitas' Criado Jr. (7)
Raul 'Gringo' Colombres (8)
Coca-Cola team logo
Coca-Cola (CC) Gauntlet of polo icon
Gillian Johnston (0)
Kristos 'Keko' Magrini (6)
Pablo 'Polito' Pieres (9)
(S) Alfonso Pieres (5)
(S) Victorino 'Torito' Ruiz Jorba (7)
(I) Julian de Lusarreta (7)
La Dolfina team logo
La Dolfina (LD) Gauntlet of polo icon
Alejandro Aznar (0)
Dillon Bacon (2)
Jeff Hildebrand (0)
Marcos Bignoli (3)
Poroto Cambiaso (10)
Quinn Evans (1)
Rufino Merlos (3)
Tomas Panelo (9)
La Fe team logo
La Fe (LF) Gauntlet of polo icon
Dylan Rossiter (6)
Francisco Elizalde (9)
Louis Devaleix (1)
Lucas Diaz Alberdi (6)
Marc Ganzi (2)
Roberto Bilbao (6)
Park Place team logo
Park Place (PP) Gauntlet of polo icon
Andrey Borodin (0)
Cody Ellis (5)
Hilario Ulloa (10)
Juan Britos (9)
Marcos Bignoli (3)
(S) Jose Meirelles (3)
(S) Josh Escapite (0)
(A) Carlos 'Toly' Ulloa (7)
Pilot team logo
Pilot (PIL) Gauntlet of polo icon
Antonio Heguy (6)
Curtis Pilot (0)
Facundo Pieres (10)
Santiago Torres (6)
(S) Gonzalo Deltour (6)
(S) Santos Merlos (6)
Tamera team logo
Tamera (TAM) Gauntlet of polo icon
Alejandro Poma (1)
Mariano 'Peke' Gonzalez Jr. (7)
Matias Torres Zavaleta (8)
(S) Mackenzie Weisz (5)
(S) Tommy Collingwood (5)
(S) Valerio ‘Lerin’ Zubiaurre (7)
(I) Diego Cavanagh (8)
(I) Segundo Saravi (5)
The Dutta Corp team logo
The Dutta Corp (TDC) Gauntlet of polo icon
Joaquin Avendaño (4)
Mariano 'Nino' Obregon (6)
Timmy Dutta (4)
Tomas Garcia del Rio (8)
(S) Facundo Llosa (7)
(S) Tommy Huber (3)
Valiente team logo
Valiente (VAL) Gauntlet of polo icon
Adolfo Cambiaso (10)
Bob Jornayvaz (0)
Federico Panzillo (5)
Mariano 'Peke' Gonzalez Jr. (7)
Paco de Narvaez Jr. (5)
(S) Jesse Bray (7)
(S) Joaquin Vilgre La Madrid (0)
Gauntlet icon = Gauntlet Team
Gauntlet of Polo Logo
Leading the field
Follow your favorite players throughout their journey to each final as they battle to earn the title of first ever GAUNTLET champion.


The Venue

The National Polo Center – Wellington (NPC) is located in the heart of South Florida’s legendary horse country. The perpetual home for polo in America, NPC is owned and managed by the United States Polo Association to showcase the finest the sport has to offer. The Association’s premiere event, the Gauntlet of Polo®, takes place from February to April each winter season showcasing the world’s preeminent teams, professional athletes and finest horses which come together for three months to battle head-to-head for the coveted C.V. Whitney Cup®, USPA Gold Cup® and U.S. Open Polo Championship® trophies. Throughout the year, the facilities are also used to showcase USPA Member Clubs and prestigious national tournament competition.

The entrance to the club is via a palm tree-lined drive, that leads past tennis courts to the steps of the magnificent pool and Mallet Grille. The natural Florida terrain is augmented by a large lake, lush tropical landscaping and some of the most carefully manicured polo fields in the world. Spectating from the stadium, private boxes, fieldside tailgates and special hospitality tents, all overlooking the U.S. Polo Assn. Field, is an unparalleled experience.

NPC invites you to experience the best polo in the country, taking place at one of the most beautiful venues in the world, the National Polo Center – Wellington.

National Polo Center - Wellington
National Polo Center - Wellington
3667 120th Avenue S
Wellington, FL 33414
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