Sep 17, 2019 3:46 PM

Participants of the 2019 Great Plains Circuit Women's Challenge at Tulsa Polo Club. ©Skyler Jo.
Participants of the 2019 Great Plains Circuit Women's Challenge at Tulsa Polo Club. ©Skyler Jo.

Despite the spring rains interrupting the schedule of many events, the Mid-Continent Women’s Polo Tournament Series is officially underway. Polo clubs from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Colorado and Oklahoma are taking part in the series of USPA Women’s Challenge Circuit events and USPA-sanctioned women’s tournaments both arena and outdoor. Individuals receive points based on team ranking within each tournament (winner, second, third, etc.) along with points for Sportsmanship and Most Valuable Player awards. At the end of 2019 a High-Point Winner will be the proud owner of a Catena Swiss watch.

Catena Watch

Additionally, USPA women’s arena tournaments will count towards National Arena Amateur Cup points. In the event of tied points, a winner will be drawn at random and the other tied competitors will receive an alternate prize. You can follow the Mid-Continent Women’s Polo Tournament Series on Facebook and Instagram (@womenspolo).

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Upcoming Tournaments in the Mid-Continent Women’s Polo Tournament Series

If you interested in participating in the competition, contact the clubs directly to enter.

TBD: Central Texas Polo Association at Two Wishes Polo Club, Lockhart, Texas (rain date from May)

TBD: Legend's Polo Club, Kaufman, Texas

TBD: Midland Polo Club, Midland, Texas

September 21-22: NWA Polo Club, Benton, Arkansas

September 28-29: OKC Polo Club (outdoor tournament rain date), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

October 19-20: San Antonio Polo Club, San Antoni

November 2-3: New Orleans Polo Club, Folsom, Louisiana

November 12-17: Houston Polo Club, Houston, Texas

Results from Mid-Continent Women’s Polo Tournament Series Events

Great Plains Circuit Women's Arena Challenge at OKC Polo Club (Jones, Oklahoma)

Oklahoma State University
Alison Thomas
Rachel Hanson
Carolyn Downey

OKC Polo Club
Michelle Lavesque
Sarah Powers
Kiana Nieves

OKC Polo School
Karson Bizzell
Nancy Shaw
Alyssa Ashby

Winner: Oklahoma State
Runner-Up: OKC Polo School
Third Place: OKC Polo Club
Most Valuable Player: Karson Bizzell
Sportsmanship: Kiana Nieves

Southwestern Circuit Women's Challenge at South Padre Island Polo Club (South Padre Island, Texas)

Keala Panzarini
Devan Groves
Abigayle McVaney
Rebecca Seales
Robin Sanchez

San Antonio Polo Club
Stephanie Franke
Ursula Pari
Georgia Stone
Stella Stone

Winner: SPI
Runner-Up: San Antonio Polo Club
Most Valuable Player: Keala Panzarini
Sportsmanship: Abi McVƒaney

Great Plains Circuit Women’s Challenge at Tulsa Polo Club (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Legend’s Polo Club
Jessica Hotchkiss
Katie Anderson
Roxy Keyfauver
Megan Rahlfs

CCC Ranch
Noel Dallison
Jessica Keneally
Kelly Coldiron
Jenny Vargas

Lacey Safonovs
Susan Koehler
Megan West
Anne Branscun

Winner: CCC
Runner-Up: NWA
Third Place: Legend’s
Most Valuable Player: Susan Koehler
Sportsmanship: Jessica Hotchkiss

Southwestern Circuit Women’s Challenge at Dallas Polo Club (Red Oak, Texas)
Tournament suspended due to weather. Final chukkers to be played TBA.