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Intercollegiate Programs

About Intercollegiate Polo

The USPA Intercollegiate program provides students a venue to have their first polo experience and seasoned players a place to continue competitive regular season and tournament play during their time at university. Intercollegiate polo is played in the arena under the official USPA Arena Rules and specific I/I and Arena Tournament Conditions. As is all I/I polo, the intercollegiate league is played using a “split string.” During their time in the program, many players are given the opportunity to participate in leadership and horse management roles within their student run clubs; providing real life learning experiences in the polo world.

There are 41 established USPA Intercollegiate Polo Programs representing 15 men’s teams and 26 women’s teams across four regions of the United States. Competing in separate divisions, the top men’s and women’s teams battle for a chance to advance to the National Intercollegiate Championship.

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Jt Shiverick Smu On The Ball With Lorenzo Masias Cornell Defense © Jim Bremner Web
"In regards to the kind of polo that college offers, it definitely teaches you about playing as a team, playing hard, and learning how to ride dozens of different horses." – Felipe Viana, UVA '13

Additional Programs


The USPA awards at least six, $4,000 scholarships a year to players who have participated in the interscholastic polo program and are looking to continue their polo career at the collegiate level. Players must meet requirements outlined in the guidelines and awards are renewable for up to four years of academic study. For more information please click here.

Fundraising Grant

Intercollegiate teams may apply for up to $2,000 each year to assist with the costs of putting on a fundraiser. The application should include a detailed description of the event outlining expenses, income and projected profit. Applications are reviewed by a committee of volunteers and are accepted on a rolling basis. To apply for the Fundraising Funds please email Ali Davidge at

New 2021 Fundraising Guidelines: Fundraising Overview Document

Intercollegiate Funding Grant

Intercollegiate teams may apply for up to $2,000 in funding through the I/I Start Up & Enhancement Program. Qualified items include tack and equipment. Applications are reviewed by a committee of volunteers and are accepted from September 1 – October 1 each year. To apply, click here.

2021-2022 Funding Guidelines: Funding Overview Document

I/I Clinic Support

Up to $1500 in reimbursable funds are available for your club to host a clinic for your team. The clinic should be aimed at the varsity level/competing members first. These funds are for the use between August 1 and December 31, 2021. For more information, click here.


Umpire support is available to teams who are playing in-region or nationally competitive games. Teams must apply to receive umpire support which is approved on a rolling basis and based on approval and availability for umpires. Requests must be made three weeks prior to the scheduled game date. To submit a request, please email Bradley Biddle at

NIC Finals
"Winning always makes things more fun, no doubt, but I value the experiences I gained with my teammates much more than the results. The indoor game quickly caught my eye with its emphasis on teamwork and strategy.” - Andrew Begg, Western Ontario '18


2021-2022 Tournaments

2021-2022 Intercollegiate Men and Women

Division I

Division I East Women's & Men's Regional @ Virginia Polo March 11-13

Division I West Women's & Men's Regional @ Brookshire Polo Club March 11-13

Division I National Intercollegiate Championship @ Virginia Polo April 4-10

* Please note tournaments are subject to change and will be finalized after the Intent to Compete and Tournament Payment are processed in December.


Forms & Documents

Links and updated forms will be posted at start of the I/I season. For more information please check out the SportsEngine Registration page below.

SportsEngine Shortcut Links

Score Sheet Submission Form- 1 Due by Dec 1st, 2nd Due by Feb 1st (2 per team)

Intent to Compete Form- Due Oct 6th (1 per team)

Coaching Requirement Submission Form- Due Oct 6th (1 per team)

Full Time Student Check- Due Nov 17th (1 per player)

Tournament Entry Fee Payment- Due Dec 1st (1 per team)

Academic Eligibility Form- Due Feb 1st (1 per team)

Registrar Form- Due Feb 1st (1 per team)

I/I Rules Test- Due Feb 1st (1 per team)

USPA I/I Horse Health Document - Due 1 week before tournament

I/I Scoresheet


2021-2022 Team Information

2021-2022 Intent to Compete Team List

Intercollegiate Women

Roger WilliamsUniversity of KentuckyTexas A&MUniversity of Idaho
BabsonMichigan State UniversityTCUStanford
University of GuelphUniversity of MichiganTexas TechWestmont
Yale UniversityVirginia TechOklahoma StateUC Davis
UMASSUSC AikenTrinity UniversityMontana State University
UCONNUniversity of VirginiaUniversity of TexasUC Santa Barbara
SkidmoreColorado State UniversityCal Poly
Harvard UniversitySMUOregon State University
Cornell UniversityUSC

Intercollegiate Mens

BabsonUniversity of KentuckyTexas A&MStanford
Yale UniversityVirginia TechTexas TechOregon State University
SkidmoreUSC AikenColorado State UniversityCal Poly
Harvard UniversityUniversity of VirginiaUniversity of TexasUSC
Cornell UniversityUNT



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