Start A New Intercollegiate Team

The first step is to research your school’s requirements to becoming either a sport, club sport, or student organization. Each school has their own set of requirements, such as the number of students needed to participate.

USPA Requirements

1. Intercollegiate Polo Program must be recognized by the college or university.

2. Must have a faculty adviser on board to oversee the club. If you don’t have an individual in mind, look into a representative from the animal science department or someone with an equine background.

3. Must have a named coach for the club, access to horses, and suitable facilities.

* Coaches must meet all USPA I/I Coaching requirements

4. Team must create a Constitution and set of By-Laws for the club, approved by both the USPA and the university.

5. Team must either become a USPA Member Club or be affiliated with an existing USPA Member Club in good standing. View the USPA Clubs page for more information. Additional paperwork required, including Team Registration and Host Club form.

6. To be eligible to compete in the upcoming season, team must fill out an Intent to Compete Form by October 1.

7. Must include a sample budget with USPA Club Application.

Refer to the Intercollegiate page for the list of additional paperwork, deadline and fees required; as well as the Complete I/I Tournament Conditions. Once you are a registered I/I Team with the USPA, you can apply for I/I Start Up & Enhancement programs, which include funding, mentoring & umpire support. Intercollegiate teams will be required to play at least two regular season games against other teams in their region. The score sheets are submitted to the USPA to determine the seeding of the tournament. Click Here for a contact list of all registered Intercollegiate Programs.

If you are considering starting a team this year, please contact Amy Fraser at