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Top Plays of 2019

Joe Barry Cup

Dutta Corp's Gringo Colombres makes an amazing curved goal January 13, 2019
Juan Martin Obregon's shot on goal January 10, 2019
Impressive goal by Santa Clara's Steve Krueger January 6, 2019
Jesse Bray runs to goal for SD Farms January 6, 2019
Dutta Corp's Lucas Diaz Alberdi runs through the pack to goal January 3, 2019
Chukker four goal by Timmy Dutta January 3, 2019
Patagones' Santiago Toccalino moves uncontested to goal January 3, 2019
Tomas Garcia del Rio navigates past defenders in sixth chukker January 3, 2019

Ylvisaker CupView All

Lucas Diaz Alberdi shoots at goal from a distance February 10, 2019
Pilot's Lucas James on a breakaway to goal February 6, 2019
Fourth chukker goal for Patagones' Santiago Toccalino February 6, 2019
Iconica's Peke Gonzalez on a run to goal February 3, 2019
Iconica's Sebastian Merlos picks up his second consecutive goal February 3, 2019
Pilot works together to set up Facundo Pieres January 31, 2019
Facundo Pieres makes a goal on Best Playing Pony Open Kattia January 31, 2019
Lucas Diaz Alberdi finishes strong Dutta Corp play January 31, 2019

Townsend Cup

Pelon Escapite fakes the backshot January 26, 2019

International Intercollegiate Challenge Cup

Demitra Hajimihalis scores a 2-pointer January 26, 2019

NYTS Championship Cecil Smith Cup

Goal by Winston Painter riding Best Playing Pony Chaparra September 8, 2019

Silver Air Pacific Coast Open

Beautiful Nearside Open Backshot by Von Wernich August 18, 2019
Mariano Obregon Hits Neckshot to Goal August 15, 2019
Sol De Agosto Scores in 4th Chukker August 15, 2019
Obregon Winds Up to Score for Klentner Ranch August 15, 2019
Henry Walker Secures a Goal in the First Chukker August 15, 2019




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