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Top Plays of 2018

2018 East Coast Open

Audi's Joaquin Panelo makes final goal of the 2018 East Coast Open on Lucky Five September 9, 2018
Audi's Toro Ruiz makes a cut shot to goal September 9, 2018
Iconica's Mariano Gonzalez finishes Iconica play September 5, 2018
Victorino Ruiz Jorba hits ball up to goal September 5, 2018
Tomas Garcia del Rio's cut shot to goal August 26, 2018
Nico Escobar works the ball downfield to score August 26, 2018

Silver Air Pacific Coast Open

Jesse Bray makes the final goal for Klentner Ranch August 24, 2018
Strong plays by Sol de Agosto and Restoration Hardware August 24, 2018
Overtime to win the game by Paco de Narvaez August 22, 2018
Geronimo Obregon runs to goal August 22, 2018
Lucas Criado intercepts back shot to score for Farmers and Merchants Bank August 19, 2018
Lucchese's Toly Ulloa steal ball and runs to goal August 19, 2018
Sixth chukker goal by Lucchese's Facundo Obregon August 16, 2018
Neck shot to goal by Santiago von Wernich August 16, 2018

2018 Ylvisaker CupView All

Valiente's Santi Torres on breakaway to goal February 25, 2018
GSA's Henry Porter makes great offensive play February 25, 2018
Tonkawa's teamwork leads to goal for Sterling Giannico February 21, 2018
Colorado's Santino Magrini hits backshot to goal February 21, 2018
Santino Magrini scores impressive cut shot February 18, 2018
Valiente's Adolfo Cambiaso shot on goal February 18, 2018
Pilot's Facundo Pieres charges to goal February 18, 2018
Sapo Caset hits the ball out of the air to goal February 15, 2018

2018 Joe Barry CupView All

Modere's Hilario Ulloa in the Joe Barry Cup Final January 28, 2018
Tonkawa's Julian de Lusarreta in the Joe Barry Cup Final January 28, 2018
Jared Zenni's fourth chukker goal for Modere January 28, 2018
Tonkawa's Sapo Caset makes a run to goal January 28, 2018
La Indiana's Facundo Obregon runs to goal during the Joe Barry Cup semifinal January 24, 2018
Tonkawa's Sapo Caset runs to goal in Joe Barry Cup Semifinal January 24, 2018
Modere's Hilario Ulloa's goal in Joe Barry Cup semifinal against Coca-Cola January 24, 2018
Hilario Ulloa scores his fourth goal of the game January 24, 2018

2018 C.V. Whitney Cup

Adolfo Cambiaso hits a neckshot to goal March 4, 2018
Goal by Colorado's Santi Torres March 1, 2018
Nearside neckshot from Valiente's Facundo Pieres February 28, 2018

Iglehart Cup

Pilot's Facundo Pieres gets on a run to goal March 15, 2018
Final neckshot goal by Gonzalito Pieres in sixth chukker March 12, 2018
Impressive Goal by La Indiana's Jeff Hall March 11, 2018
Strong Coca-Cola run in second chukker March 3, 2018
Gonzalito Pieres drops ball in front of goal March 1, 2018
Sugar Erskine's pass to Gillian Johnston for winning goal February 28, 2018

Butler Handicap®

Chukker four goal by Facundo Pieres March 11, 2018
Colorado's Diego Cavanagh breaks fourth chukker tie March 7, 2018
Valiente's Adolfo Cambiaso makes goal on the bounce March 7, 2018

USPA Gold Cup®

Flexjet's Rodrigo Andrade makes his second consecutive goal March 28, 2018
Valiente's Facundo Pieres ties the game up before halftime March 28, 2018
Audi's Polito Pieres taps ball into goal March 22, 2018
Tommy Beresford's pass to Facundo Pieres March 21, 2018
Daily Racing Form's teamwork earns goal March 21, 2018
Adolfo Cambiaso breaks tie in fifth chukker March 18, 2018
Fifth chukker goal by Sapo Caset March 17, 2018

2018 Carlos Gracida Cup

Great Teamwork by La Indiana March 27, 2018

U.S. Open Polo Championship®View All

Agustin Obregon's nearside neckshot April 22, 2018
Hilario Ulloa hits ball out of the air and into goal to take lead April 22, 2018
Tommy Beresford Sets Up Adolfo Cambiaso April 18, 2018
Backshot goal by Daily Racing Form's Hilario Ulloa April 18, 2018
Goal by Daily Racing Form's Mariano Obregon April 18, 2018
Facundo Pieres runs around defenders to goal April 18, 2018
Audi's Nic Roldan saves ball to score April 15, 2018
Diego Cavanagh's neckshot goal April 15, 2018

National Twenty Goal®

Fourth chukker goal for Flexjet's Jason Crowder November 16, 2018




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