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Honorary Instructors

The USPA Certified Polo Instructor Program would like to thank the following Honorary Instructors for their time and effort in contributing to the development of this program. These instructors were awarded Honorary status by demonstrating success in polo instruction for 20+ years.

Adam Snow
Barlee Flanders
Bob Ceparano
Bob Koehler
Carolyn Stimmel
Cindy Halle
Cissie Snow
Corky Linfoot
Dan Keating
Danny Scheraga
David Eldredge
Domingo Questel
Ed Armstrong
Erik Wright
Ernie Darquea
Henri duToit
John Gobin
John Westley
Kyle Fargey
Herman-Louis Decoite
Jorge Vasquez
Juan Salinas
Kathy Linfoot
Kimo Huddleston
Lezlie Hiner
Lizzie Beer
Lou Lopez
Mark Prinsloo
Max Secunda
Megan Judge
Mike McCleary
Peter Poor
Rege Ludwig
Robert Lyn Kee Chow
Robin Sanchez
Scott Lancaster
Scott Weir
Tom Goodspeed
Trevor Wells
Jolie Liston

*Instructors with Honorary Certified Polo Instructor status may or may not have the following: a USPA background check, CPR Certification, current instructors insurance, concussion training, a current USPA membership or other requirements of the program.



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