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Interscholastic Programs

About Interscholastic Polo

The Interscholastic polo program is a competitive league in which high school students play against other polo teams in their region and across the country. Players must meet their school’s academic standards in order to compete. Interscholastic polo is played in the arena under the official USPA Arena rules and I/I Tournament Conditions. As in all I/I polo, the interscholastic league is played using a “split string,” where each team plays all of the horses provided for the game. Interscholastic players are welcomed into a wonderful network of polo professionals, volunteers, and other players their age. The interscholastic program provides an opportunity for players to compete in a national league against their peers.

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Player Eligibility

1. Must be a registered player or student member of the USPA for the current year

2. In grades 7-12

3. Under the age of 19 as of September 1 of current I/I season

4. In good academic standing with school and eligible to compete in sports for their school

5. Live within 100 mile radius of the host club or be one of the 3 closest clubs to their home address. (Waiver applications are available for students if needed.)

Additional Programs


The USPA awards at least six $4,000 scholarships a year to players who have participated in the interscholastic polo program and are looking to continue their polo career at the collegiate level. Players must meet requirements outlined in the guidelines and awards are renewable for up to four years of academic study. For more information please click here.

Varsity Letter

The USPA Interscholastic Polo Varsity Letter recognizes players who have shown their commitment to both academic and polo excellence through their time commitment and level of play. To be eligible to receive a Varsity Letter, players must meet all requirements and fill out an application. Applications for the 2023-2024 season will be available in March.

Fundraising Grant

Interscholastic teams may apply for up to $2,000 each year to assist with the costs of putting on a fundraiser. The application should include a detailed description of the event outlining expenses, income and projected profit. Applications are reviewed by a committee of volunteers and are accepted on a rolling basis. To apply for the Fundraising Funds please email Ali Davidge at

Fundraising Guidelines: Fundraising Overview Document


Umpire support is available to teams who are playing in-region or nationally competitive games. Teams must apply to receive umpire support which is approved on a rolling basis and based on approval and availability for umpires. Requests must be made three weeks prior to the scheduled game date. To submit a request, please email Bradley Biddle at

Forms & Documents

Links and updated forms will be posted at start of the I/I season. For more information please check out the SportsEngine Registration page below.

Due Dates & SportsEngine Shortcut Links

Submission Forms

Score Sheet Submission Form- Dec 1st, Jan 3rd

Intent to Compete Form- Due Oct 3rd (1 per team)

Coaching Requirement Submission Form- Due Oct 3rd(1 per team) (contact Ali at if you need one)

Interscholastic Team Eligibility Form- Due Dec 1st (1 per team)

Interscholastic Individual Player Eligibility Form Submission- Due Dec 1st (1 per player)

Tournament Entry Fee- Due Dec 1st (1 per team)

I/I Rules Test- Due January 3rd (1 per team)


Interscholastic Individual Player Eligibility School Form

USPA I/I Horse Health Document - Due 1 week before tournament

I/I Scoresheet

I/I Split String Sheet

2023-2024 Tournaments

2023-2024 Interscholastic Girls & Open Tournaments

Interscholastic Girls

January 26-28 Northeastern Girls' Preliminary I @ Kingswood Polo Club

January 26-28 Southeastern Girls' Preliminary @ Garrison Forest School Polo Club

January 26-28 Western Girls' Preliminary @ Poway Polo Club

February 9-11 Northeastern Girls' Regional @ Yale Polo Club

February 9-11 Southeastern Girls' Regional @ Marlan Farm Polo Club

February 9-11 Western Girls' Regional @ Empire Polo Club

February 16-18 Central Girls' Regional @ Brookshire Polo Club

March 5-10 USPA I/I Girls' National Interscholastic Championship @ Brookshire Polo Club

Interscholastic Open

February 2-4 Northeastern Open Preliminary I @ Tinicum Polo Club

February 2-4 Northeastern Open Preliminary II @ Yale Polo Club

February 2-4 Central Open Preliminary @ Culver Academies Polo Club

February 2-4 Southeastern Open Preliminary I @ Marlan Farm Polo Club

February 2-4 Southeastern Open Preliminary II @ New Bridge Polo Club

February 2-4 Western Open Preliminary I @ OC Polo Club

February 2-4 Western Open Preliminary II @ Central Coast Polo Club

February 16-18 Central Open Regional @ Brookshire Polo Club

February 16-18 Northeastern Open Regional @ Gardnertown Polo Club

February 16-18 Southeastern Open Regional @ Garrison Forest School

February 16-18 Western Open Regional @ Lakeside Polo Club

March 5-10 USPA I/I Open National Interscholastic Championship @ Brookshire Polo Club

* Please note tournaments are subject to change and will be finalized after the Intent to Compete and tournament payment are processed in December.


Team Information 2022-2023

2023-2024 Intent To Compete Team List

Interscholastic Girls

Western New YorkMarylandMidlandSutter Buttes
Greater NiagaraMaryland RebelsHillsideHawaii
Greater Niagara- Canadian Women's Polo SeriesOple*HoustonPoway
KingswoodAiken Youth Polo BlueSt. LouisLakeside Varsity
Kingswood- Dana HallAiken Youth Polo WhiteSan AntonioLakeside JV
YaleGarrison Forest SchoolMaui Varsity
Harvard CrimsonGarrison Forest School JVMaui JV
Central New YorkGarrison Forest School JV BlueWaiki'i
Central Coast

Interscholastic Open

Tinicum ParkStarr Creek- Mount PisgahSt. CroixLakeside Varsity
Gardnertown IStarr CreekPrestonwoodLakeside JV
Gardnertown IILiberty HallCulver AHonolulu
KingswoodMarylandCulver BOC
Kingswood JVVirginia JuniorsDenverWaiki'i
TorontoAiken Youth Polo BlueHillsideSanta Barbara
YaleGarrison Forest School-RudaFlat Out*South Bay Varsity
Yale Polo RanchBattlefieldHoustonSouth Bay JV
Yale JVBattlefield IILegendsCentral Coast
Harvard CrimsonGarrison Forest School- Charm City
Harvard Crimson JVSeneca
Westchester-NewportLancaster- Work to Ride Varsity
Lancaster-Work to Ride JV