USPA Hotlines

Equine Welfare Reporting

An anonymous tip line has been established for tips regarding equine abuse and neglect. The USPA Equine Welfare Committee encourages anyone making a report to first reach out to their local animal control to report the issue. If you would like to make your report to the USPA, we ask that you please leave as much detail as possible in your message. Be sure to include the City and State as well as the name of the person you are reporting, how many horses are involved and any information you think is pertinent. You may also leave your name and phone number, which will be kept confidential if you are willing to be contacted for additional information. Anonymous tip line number: (866) 563-5534 or reports may also be sent to

Financial Inquiry-Audit Committee

The links below provide information regarding the Audit Committee and its purpose, as well as to a form for submitting a financial inquiry considered material with respect to the integrity of the USPA’s financial statements.

The purpose and primary function of the USPA Audit Committee shall be to assist the Board of Governors of the USPA (the “Board”) in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for (a) the integrity of the USPA’s financial statements, (b) the USPA’s compliance with any legal and regulatory requirements, (c) the independent auditors qualifications and independence, and (d) the performance of the USPA’s internal audit function and that of the independent auditors. (From the Audit Committee Charter)

Committee Chair: Charles Stanislawski, MBT, CPA, CTC
Executive Staff: Susan Present, CPA, CGMA, CFE
Committee Members: Habib Nasrullah, Tim Kelly

Ethics-Compliance (Whistleblower)

The Ethics-Compliance hotline is used to report concerns about actual or suspected violations per the USPA’s Ethics and Compliance Reporting Policy which requires governors, directors, officers, employees and volunteers to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their USPA duties and responsibilities. Please click the link to obtain a copy of this policy, contact information for reporting, and a PDF fillable form to use.

Youth Abuse Prevention Reporting Form

The Youth Abuse Prevention Reporting Form is available for reporting violations of the USPA’s Youth Abuse Prevention Policy. Please click the link to complete the SignNow document. Reports may be submitted anonymously.