Jun 26, 2018 1:17 PM

Tiger Kneece coaching a young player. ©Elizabeth Hedley.
Tiger Kneece coaching a young player. ©Elizabeth Hedley

The Aiken Youth Polo program (AYP) is excited to announce a partnership with New Bridge Polo & Country Club in Aiken, South Carolina, for the creation of an outdoor polo arena. Construction on the new full-size regulation arena, adjacent to Field 1, began last week and has a projected completion date of August 1, 2018. Ideally located, spectators and participants will have easy access to the New Bridge Clubhouse where food and beverage can be purchased during events.

New Bridge Polo & Country Club Clubhouse. ©Schmidt Productions.
New Bridge Polo & Country Club Clubhouse. ©Schmidt Productions

“New Bridge is delighted to partner with the Aiken Youth Polo program and Tiger Kneece to support and promote the growth of Interscholastic and Intercollegiate polo as well as youth polo in Aiken.”  – Raza Kazmi, New Bridge Polo & Country Club General Manager

New Bridge arena constructions site.
New Bridge arena construction site.

The Aiken Youth Polo program is managed and operated by Aiken residents Tiger and Susie Kneece and already has an outdoor program in place at the nearby Aiken Polo Club (Aiken, South Carolina). This spring, AYP hosted a National Youth Tournament Series Qualifier which had over 40 young players participating. Last year, AYP launched an Intercollegiate/Interscholastic Polo program and hosted three high school teams. This coming year, along with their high school teams AYP will have a Men's Intercollegiate team called the University of South Carolina Aiken Pacers. Meanwhile, plans already in place to start a women's team next year. Only a 15-minute drive from the USC campus in Aiken, the new arena will be easily accessible to all students who wish to learn and play polo.

“The Interscholastic program turned out to be better than I could have possibly imagined. Since it was our first year, we got a crash course in how the Interscholastic program worked. Amy Fraser and Ali Davidge went above and beyond to guide us. The transformation in our players was impressive.”  – Angela Hale, I/I youth parent    

NYTS East vs. West Challenge Chamins with coach Tiger Kneece. ©Elizabeth Hedley.
NYTS East vs. West Challenge Champions with coach Tiger Kneece. ©Elizabeth Hedley

“The new Aiken Youth Polo Arena at New Bridge Polo Club represents a pivotal point for youth polo in the Southeast region. Aiken is uniquely located to draw kids from all ages and many states to safe, fun and competitive polo all properly coached by Tiger Kneece. The future of U.S. polo has its newest and best facility in Aiken, South Carolina. Crestview Genetics is proud to support the Aiken Youth Polo Arena.”  – Crestview Genetics’ Alan Meeker

With the new arena, AYP will be able to cater to young players starting in the middle school program all the way through their senior year of college. The combined efforts of Aiken Polo Club, New Bridge Polo & Country Club and the Polo Adventures Polo School, will secure a year-round program for young players. In addition to the youth program, the arena will also provide a great avenue for people of any age to take up and learn the game of polo both indoor and outdoor. AYP and their sponsors are truly committed to help grow the sport of polo.