Aug 27, 2018 7:31 PM

Garrison Forest School's Madison Jordan at the Aiken Middle School Tournament . ©Larry Johnson.
Garrison Forest School's Madison Jordan at the Aiken Middle School Tournament. ©Larry Johnson.

The USPA Middle League is back for its fifth year! Young players in grades five through eight are eligible to compete in thirteen tournaments spanning the country from Connecticut to Hawaii.

The goal of the USPA Middle School League is to provide a venue for young players to gain tournament experience, while allowing them to play against competitors of equal ability. Eligible players must be enrolled in an academic program as a fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth grade student and will be entered as an individual. Players are responsible for bringing or leasing appropriate horses for the tournaments, as the split-string format will not be used.

Individuals interested in participating in this year’s Middle School League can find more information on the program, including registration, HERE. Please contact I/I Tournament Manager Emily Dewey at with any questions, or if your club is interesting in hosting a middle school tournament.

Tournament Schedule

Western Region: September 23 at Lakeside Polo Club (Lakeside, California)

Central Region: September 29-30 at NWA Polo Club (Gravette, Araknsas)

Western Region: October 5 at Maui Polo Club (Makawao, Hawaii)

Southeastern Region: October 6-7 at Aiken Polo Club (Aiken, South Carolina)

Northeastern Region: October 13-14 at Yale Polo & Equestrian Center (Bethany, Connecticut)

Southeastern Region: October 20-21 at Marlan Farm (Freeland, Maryland)

Northeastern Region: October 27-28 at Gardnertown Polo Club (Newburgh, New York)

Southeastern Region: October 27-28 at Bluewater Creek Polo Club (Rogersville, Alabama)

Southeastern Region: November 3-4 at Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills, Maryland)

Central Region: November 10-11 at Prestonwood Polo Club (Oak Point, Texas)

Western Region: November 10-11 at Central Coast Polo Club (Los Osos, California)

Central Region: November 17-18 at Houston Polo Club (Houston, Texas)

Northeastern Region: December 1-2 at Buffalo Polo Club (Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada)