Feb 21, 2023 9:15 PM

Umpires LLC launch new yellow and red card review process. ©David Lominska
Umpires LLC launch new yellow and red card review process. ©David Lominska

The Umpires LLC has developed a process to review yellow and red cards. The process will be administered internally by the LLC. The purpose of such a review is to determine whether a yellow or red card issued during a particular match was valid and should remain in place, along with any penalty resulting from the issuance of the card carrying forward to a future game or games.

There will be no reviews of yellow or red cards issued for unsportsmanlike behavior. Two conditions must be met to qualify a play for review: 1) the play must be available on high-quality video (in addition to any umpire helmet cameras) in order to allow reviewing members sufficient detail to make a ruling; and, 2) the review must be requested within 24 hours following conclusion of the game. Each team has the option of requesting only one review per tournament if that review is unsuccessful (meaning the play stands as called after review or is increased in severity). If the call on the field is overturned, the team may call for another review during the tournament. It should be noted that an opposing team may request a review, either of a card issued to the other team or a review of a card issued to its own team.

It is important to note that this review will not affect the outcome of the game, which has already been played, the only effects a ruling to remove a red or yellow card will have are: 1) reduce the number of yellow cards a player has accumulated through a particular quarter or the ongoing year as is detailed in the 2023 changes to Outdoor Rule 33; and 2) allow the player in question to play in any upcoming games that the player would have been ineligible to play in if the yellow card had stayed in place. Alternatively, the review may call for increasing the penalty exacted by changing a single yellow card to a double yellow, or a red. Either of these changes will affect upcoming games and cumulative yellow and red card counts for the player in question for the particular quarter or year it occurs in.

In terms of process, Umpire LLC management will select eight reviewers to be available to assist in a yellow/red card review on an annual basis. Each review will be initiated by selecting three reviewers from the pool of eight. These three reviewers will review the call and subsequent penalty given, vote to approve or disagree with the call and penalty made and reach a decision on whether: 1) the call stands; 2) the call is overturned in favor of the player receiving the red or yellow card; or 3) overturned to change the call on the field to a harsher penalty than was exacted when it occurred.

All requests must be submitted using the appropriate link below. Any requests with missing or incomplete information will not be reviewed.