Mar 26, 2018 7:09 PM

2018 Rossmore Cup winners Twin Palms (L to R) Patrick Uretz, Graham Bray, Mason Wroe, Mike Kerley.
2018 Rossmore Cup winners Twin Palms (L to R) Patrick Uretz, Graham Bray, Mason Wroe, Mike Kerley.

Article courtesy of Eldorado Polo Club/Tony Gregg

On an absolutely perfect afternoon in sunny Southern California, and in front of a huge and extremely involved crowd, Twin Palms (Graham Bray 3, Mason Wroe* 4, Patrick Uretz* 4, Mike Kerley 1 {sub for Chris Maloney 1}) garnered a substantial $14,000 money win and 12-9 victory over Farmers & Merchants Bank/RH Polo (Danny Walker 2, Mariano Fassetta 5, Santiago Von Wernich 5, Catlin Dix A {sub for Ben Soleimani A}) in the 24th Annual Polo Skins Games and the USPA Rossmore Cup.

Twin Palms' Patrick Uretz and FMB-RH Polo's Catlin Dix.
Twin Palms' Patrick Uretz and Farmers & Merchants Bank/RH Polo's Catlin Dix.

With $3,500 on the line in each chukker, the hotly-contested game turned out to be a perfect example of how polo is supposed to be played – hit the ball and run. At the onset of the game, speed and accuracy were prevalent as Farmers & Merchants Bank/RH Polo prevailed by one goal to lead in the Rossmore 3-2 and in doing so won the $3,500 available in the first chukker. Twin Palms came back in the second and outscored their opponents by an identical count of 3-2 and grabbed their first cash award of $3,500. The money was now even as was the Rossmore tally at 5-5.

Most Valuable Player Patrick Uretz.
Most Valuable Player: Patrick Uretz.

The third chukker saw Farmers & Merchants/RH Polo score two goals to just a single from Twin Palms to grab another chunk of cash to lead $7,000-$3,500 and advance in the overall at 7-6. As the crowd took part in the Ruffino Prosecco halftime divot stomp, the Twin Palms foursome used the time wisely and it showed in the fourth chukker as they outran FMB/RH 4-1 and in doing so won another $3,500 to get even in the money count at $7,000 and jump ahead for the Rossmore at 10-8.

As the classic polo continued in the penultimate frame, the scoring was made difficult by great defensive work and each side socred once to create the first carryover of the afternoon. This would make the sixth chukker worth $7,000. Twin Palms continued to lead in the Rossmore 11-9. The final period saw just one goal – perhaps fittingly from Patrick Uretz – and Twin Palms had doubled the money count and at the same time took the overall tally to win the Rossmore Cup 12-9.

Best Playing Pony Josefina, owned and played by Danny Walker.
Best Playing Pony: Josefina, owned and played by Danny Walker.

In a game where he showcased his ability to do everything required to play winning polo as well as scored nine goals, Uretz was selected as the Most Valuable Player. Josefina, a product of the Walker breeding program, and played by Danny Walker in the second chukker, was chosen as the Best Playing Pony. Prior to the awards presentation to the winners and the runners-up, David Carlson was presented with the Robert Skene Most Improved Player Trophy.

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*Mason Wroe is a Team USPA senior member and Patrick Uretz is a member of Team USPA. Team USPA is a USPA program designed to enhance and grow the sport of polo in the United States by identifying young, talented American players and providing mentored training and playing opportunities leading to a pool of higher rated amateur and pro players and the resultant giveback to the sport of polo.

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