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La Canada's Jared Zenni ©ClickPolo/Helen Cruden.
La Canada's Jared Zenni ©ClickPolo/Helen Cruden.

Nic Roldan and Jared Zenni* will start living one of the most important months of their lives this month. With the Palermo Open starting, they both will play the most important polo tournament in the world for the first time, both with different goals. Nic plays for Albertina Abu Dhabi, with Francisco Elizalde, Ignacio Toccalino and Alfredo Cappela. They will be playing in Group B, which they share with Ellerstina, Las Monjitas, Cria Yatay and La Cañada. Their first goal is to finish in the top four, and while it is certainly a tough goal, the second option is to finish in the top seven overall to qualify for next year's Hurlingham and Palermo.

Jared Zenni is playing for La Cañada with his friend Agustin Obregon, along with Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario and Sebastian Merlos. They are a brand new team, and their goal is to win at least one match in the tournament. One victory would allow them to begin hoping for a chance to qualify for next year's tournament. Having two players in Palermo is huge for American polo. And there is a plus; just like in Hurlingham, La Albertina and La Cañada will face off on the first weekend of competition. Which is to say, Nic and Jared will play against each other on Sunday, November 18, 2018. A historic day for American polo.

Teams and Schedule

La Albertina's Nic Roldan. ©Clickpolo.
La Albertina's Nic Roldan. ©Clickpolo.

Bracket A
La Dolfina    
La Aguada   
La Dolfina Polo Ranch   
La Ensenada

Bracket B
Las Monjitas   
La Albertina   
Cria Yatay   
La Cañada Daily Racing Form

Saturday, November 10 (POSTPONED)
Bracket A La Dolfina bye
Alegria vs. La Ensenada  
La Aguada vs. La Dolfina Polo Ranch

Sunday, November 11 (POSTPONED)
Bracket B Ellerstina bye
La Albertina vs. La Cañada Daily Racing Form  
Las Monjitas vs. Cria Yatay

Saturday, November 17
La Aguada vs. La Ensenada  
La Dolfina vs. La Dolfina Polo Ranch

Sunday, November 18
Las Monjitas vs. La Cañada Daily Racing Form  
Ellerstina vs. Cria Yatay

Saturday, November 24
La Dolfina Polo Ranch vs. La Ensenada  
La Dolfina vs. Alegria

Sunday, November 25
Cria Yatay vs. La Cañada Daily Racing Form  
Ellerstina vs. La Albertina

La Dolfina vs. La Ensenada  
La Aguada vs. Alegria

Ellerstina vs. La Cañada Daily Racing Form 
Las Monjitas vs. La Albertina

Saturday, December 8
La Dolfina Polo Ranch vs. Alegria   
La Dolfina vs. La Aguada

Sunday, December 9
Cria Yatay vs. La Albertina  
Ellerstina vs. Las Monjitas

Saturday, December 15
4:00pm local time - Argentine Open Final   

La Dolfina (40) 
Adolfo Cambiaso 10
Pelon Stirling 10
Pablo Mac Donough 10
Juan Martín Nero 10

La Aguada (33)   
Alejandro Astrada 8
Alfredo Bigatti 8
Miguel Astrada 8
Nacho Astrada 9

Alegria/La Irenita (32)   
Juan Zavaleta 8
Clemente Zavaleta 7
Matías Mac Donough 8
Frederic Mannix 9

La Dolfina Polo Ranch (31)   
Diego Cavanagh 8
Guillermo Terrera 8
Julián de Lusarreta 7
Ignatius du Plessis 8

La Ensenada (28)   
Facundo Fernández Llorente 7
Juan Britos 7
Juan Martín Zubía 7
Jerónimo del Carril 7

Ellerstina (40) 
Polito Pieres 10
Gonzalito Pieres 10
Nicolás Pieres 10
Facundo Pieres 10

Las Monjitas (37)   
Facundo Sola 9
Hilario Ulloa 10
Sapo Caset 10
Santiago Toccalino 8

Cria Yatay (32)   
Valerio Zubiaurre 8
Magoo Laprida 8
Joaquín Pittaluga 8
Iñaki Laprida 8

La Albertina (31)   
Francisco Elizalde 8
Nic Roldán 7
Ignacio Toccalino 8
Alfredo Capella 8

La Canãda Daily Racing Form (27) 
Agustín Obregón 6
Ezequiel Martínez Ferrario 7
Sebastián Merlos 8
Jared Zenni 6



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