Jun 18, 2019 5:00 PM

Robin Sanchez OKC Polo Club

“It’s easy to fall in love with polo when you’re learning from someone as enthusiastic as Robin.”  – Karson Bizzell

The OKC Polo Club welcomed Robin Sanchez to assist club founder David Ragland with the 2019 Polo School. The first three weeks of June were spent introducing a group of twelve new students to the sport of polo. The school started out with a variety of discussions about the basics utilizing plastic pony demos. Sanchez's “Mary Poppins bag” contained a variety of different sized horses, balls and symbolic mallets to fit every type of strategy or demonstration. She used tools to explain polo concepts in a very simple manner that new players certainly remember once in the saddle.

Mounted instruction followed, during which students continued to learn about tack, proper horsemanship and the basics of playing. The students worked in the arena and were instructed on the basics of how to play. “The OKC Polo Club’s Polo School was an incredibly informative program that displayed Robin's knowledge and effective coaching skills,” new player, Karson Bizzell commented. “She covered everything from hitting with foot mallets, to throw-ins, and penalty shots in chukkers. She was never afraid to point out our mistakes, but she was also the first person to congratulate you on your successes.” Having this type of educational instruction with a focus on safety is the number one priority for club owner, David Ragland. Together the two ensured new students had a great time while learning how to be safe and effective teammates.

OKC Polo Club

In addition, Sanchez also organized drills and scrimmages with current club members. The practice sessions were an ideal time for players to hone their skills on backshots, learn more successful throw-in tactics and consider new strategies to give their team the upper hand. “Robin’s hands-on approach is invaluable to her game,” current OKC Polo Club member Angie Bailey said. “The skills and strategies that she shared with us will definitely enable us to be better team players!”

Sanchez and Ragland’s combined expertise educating and instructing Oklahoma's next generation of polo players proved to be an incredible asset to the students in attendance. “It’s easy to fall in love with polo when you’re learning from someone as enthusiastic as Robin,” Bizzell said. Sanchez will return to umpire the Great Plains Circuit Women’s Challenge on Sunday, June 23, 2019. For more information about the OKC Polo Club and upcoming events, please visit

All photos courtesy ©Michelle LaVasque.