May 03, 2024 4:44 PM

Lindsey Ebersbach, Director, Governance and Operations.
Lindsey Ebersbach, Director, Governance and Operations.

I have been with the USPA for 10 years. My responsibilities span a wide range of areas. I organize and execute the committee and board meetings in the spring and fall, and am involved with the Constitution, High Goal, International, Nominating and Rules Committees.

Recently, I became more involved with National Polo Center operations, helping with special events, tournament draws and ceremonies. Last year, I helped plan and execute the XI FIP World Polo Championships. It was extremely rewarding to see all the teams come to the United States to participate in such a prestigious event.

One of two children, I grew up in Bailey, a small town in the mountains of Colorado. I had a great childhood, and my parents were extremely supportive of my passion for horses. My older brother never had an interest in horses, but he connected with my dad through a shared hobby of drag racing.

My interest in horses began when I was 5. I started taking lessons at a local Arabian barn with Lindsay Greenway, née Dolan. (Greenway is currently the USPA membership and handicap director). Eventually, I joined pony club and then, as a teenager, started eventing.

I was incredibly fortunate to find a horse that can only be described as a unicorn. Mac was not only remarkably brave, but also had complete trust in me. Together, we embarked on various adventures throughout Colorado, including during my college years.

I went to Colorado State University, where I studied equine science and media studies. I briefly joined the CSU polo team, but it was not the right fit for me at the time. After college, Mac and I moved to the Sunshine State when I got a job managing a barn with a children’s riding program in Wellington, Florida.

Later, I was hired as a receptionist at the USPA. At the time, I was looking for a new place to board Mac so then-CEO Peter Rizzo introduced me to Joey Casey at Royal Palm Polo Club in Boca Raton. Mac stayed there until the facility closed down, then

I relocated him to Boynton Beach where Casey built the Palm City Polo Club. After several years, the Palm City group finally convinced me to pick up a mallet and I have been playing ever since.

Over the years, I stick and balled with Mac and played a few arena chukkers on him. Sadly, Mac passed away this winter after 23 years together. Recently, I started jumping horses again, and that has been extremely rewarding.

I enjoy being outdoors. When I am in Colorado, I like going hiking. I also enjoy seeing new places and hope to find time to travel more. I have been lucky enough to visit Australia, Argentina, England and Italy but, I would love to see more of the world.