May 09, 2016 3:19 PM

santa barbara polo

Santa Babara Polo Club has rencently made inprovements to their arena thanks to Lucchese and the Muse Educational Foundation. They can now offer a first class arena facility to match the rest of the club's fantastic amenities. To see pictures of the updated arena, please click here.

Please feel free to contact Melanja Jones, Polo Manager with any questions: 805-684-5819 or


  • Summer 2016: $300/month May - September, or $750/season for access to arena, club facilities and club privileges, see below. Players pay SB Polo School direct for chukker fees of any games they play in. All games come with umpire and coaching from Polo School Instructor. Some horse rental available through SB Polo School, players with their own horses welcome to play as well.
  • Entitles rider to access arena and exercise track for riding during exercise times
  • Inclusion in SBPRC club social invitations throughout the year
  • Arena members get 30% discount on coaching league fees
  • Grass stick and ball upgrade available in summer. $200/month
  • Free Sunday polo admission for the summer season
  • Access to gym and swim facility
  • Can charge on member account at Polo Clubhouse, Honor Bar and Grill
  • Member decal provided


The Pacific Coast Arena Polo League is a summer polo competition. Players have the opportunity to compete throughout the season at five different clubs for points. Those points tally, and high points earn season-end awards. Players do not need to participate in every tournament to be eligible.

There will be 3 divisions of competition and overall high point. The divisions are as follows:

A Flight (1 to 3 goals)

B Flight (-2 to 0) – no players rated above 1 goal

C Flight (student level) – no player higher than B handicap

All participants must be USPA members. USPA Handicaps will be applied. USPA C rated players will be permitted to play in the C flight only.

Each host club will charge $100/player/tournament ($20 goes to the league and $80 to host club). Players playing 2 chukkers entry fee is $75 ($15 to league and $60 to host club).

June 11: California Polo Club, Lake View Terrace, Osborne St

July 23: San Diego Polo Club, SDPC, Via de la Valle

July 24: Poway Polo Club, Tierra Bonita, Poway

August 6: Central Coast Polo Club, Los Osos, Clark Valle

September 3: Orange County Polo Club, Coto de Caza, Via Pajaro

October 9th: Awards Banquet Date, location TBA

Host clubs are required to use 2 USPA certified umpires for all games. One of the 2 certified umpires for each game must be the minimum level depending on game handicap (CC rated or above for A flight, C rated and above for B, CU and above for C flight). In the event of a problem, the tournament committee reserves the right to require use of professional umpires.

Awards shall be provided for the following categories: (Awards are based on highest number of points in each category)

  • A Flight High Point Champion
  • B Flight High Point Champion
  • C Flight High Point Champion
  • Most Valuable Player – A, B and C Flight
  • Best Playing Pony – A, B and C Flight
  • Best Sportsmanship – A, B and C Flight
  • Overall, 18 yrs. & Under (Birthday after 10.1.97)
  • Overall, 19-54 yrs.
  • Overall, Senior (Birthday before 5.1.61)
  • Overall Team Champion – Each team that remains unchanged throughout the duration of the league will be eligible for this award.