May 19, 2016 7:42 PM

jesse bray polo

Santa Barbara Polo Club will play the 2016 Pope Challenge 12-goal tournament this Friday, May 20. Santa Barbara Polo Club offers a little something for everyone. With 87 acres of manicured fields including three playing fields, stick and ball field, an arena, an exercise pen, stabling for 360 horses and two Clubhouses. Please visit their website for more information.


Antelope (11)

Geoff Palmer A
Felipe Vercellino 5
Santiago Trotz 5
Jim Wright 1

Highwood (12)

Danny Walker 2
Mariano Fassetta 5
Marcelo Abbiati 5
Ron Mathison A

FMB (12)

Charlie Walker A
Felipe Viana 5
Luis Escobar 5
Henry Walker 2

Klentner Ranch (11)

Jake Klentner A
Martin Donovan 5
Jesse Bray 5
Justin Klentner 1

Twin Palms (12)

Chris Maloney 1
Remy Mueller 3
Santiago Wulff 5
Graham Bray 3


Friday May 20
Twin Palms def Highwood (12-8)
Antelope def FMB (10-7)
Bye Klentner Ranch

Sunday May 22
Twin Palms def Klentner Ranch (11-7)
Highwood def FMB (9-8)
Bye Antelope

Wednesday May 25
Antelope def Twin Palms (11-7)
Klentner Ranch vs FMB (10-9)
Bye Highwood

One man/ team penalty shootout tiebreaker (if needed) after 7:00pm ET game. In the event that a tiebreaker is needed between teams that are all qualified for the semifinals, a tie for placement between qualified tied teams may be broken by coin flip if tied teams agree.

Friday May 27
3:00pm ET - Semifinal: Twin Palms def Highwood (9-8)
5:00pm ET - Semifinal: Antelope def Klentner Ranch (13-12)

Sunday May 29
3:00pm ET - Consolation: Highwood def FMB and Klentner Ranch
6:00pm ET - Final: Twin Palms def Antelope (14-13)