Apr 30, 2019 7:51 PM

Pony Express: Ramon Caro, Landen Daniels, Aiden Meeker, Winston Painter.
Port Mayaca Polo Club NYTS Qualifier Winner: Pony Express - Ramon Caro, Landen Daniels, Aiden Meeker, Winston Painter.

Port Mayaca Polo Club NYTS Qualifier

Host site: Port Mayaca Polo Club, Okeechobee, Florida

Results: Pony Express def. Windsor Polo 8-6

All-Stars: Jack Whitman, Cipi Echezarreta, Winston Painter, Aiden Meeker

Best Playing Pony: Vanna, played by Cipi Echezarreta

All-Stars: Jack Whitman, Cipi Echezarreta, Winston Painter, Aiden Meeker
All-Stars: Cipi Echezarreta, Jack Whitman, Winston Painter, Aiden Meeker.

IPC II Jimmer Newman Memorial PTF Tournament & USPA NYTS Qualifier

IPC II Jimmer Newman Memorial PTF Tournament & USPA NYTS Qualifier Winner: GJ Racing Team - Lucas Gonzalez, Ramon Caro, Jack Whitman, Winston Painter, presented by Cale Newman.

Host Site: International Polo Club Palm Beach, Wellington, Florida

Participating Teams:

PTF: Conrad Chin, Patricio Fraga Errencourt, Ava Hinkson, Catie Steuk

Tackeria: Finn Secunda, Piers Bossom, Santiago Gonzalez, Landen Eckbo Daniels

GJ Racing Team: Lucas Gonzalez, Ramon Caro, Winston Painter, Jack Whitman


Tackeria def. PTF 2-1

GJ Racing def PTF 6-3

GJ Racing def. Tackeria 5-4

All-Stars: Jack Whitman, Landen Eckbo Daniels, Winston Painter, Catie Steuk, Finn Secunda

NYTS Best Playing Pony: Sophie, played by Landen Daniels

PTF Best Playing Pony: Versace, played by Jack Whitman

PTF Most Valuable Player: Winston Painter

PTF Sportsmanship: Ava Hinkson

Aiken NYTS Qualifier

Aiken NYTS Qualifier Winners: Crescent Farm - Virginia Gwinn, Lexie Wright, Winston Painter, Ian Schnoebelen.

Host Site: Aiken Polo Club, Aiken, South Carolina

Participating Teams:

Nicholson Family Foundation/Carolina Eastern: Anna Hale, Josh Escapite, Matteo Chaux, Hope Arellano*

Crescent Farm: Lexie Wright, Virginia Gwinn, Winston Painter, Ian Schnoebelen

Triple C: Gracie Brown, Madison Jordan, Michael Bradford, Harry Caldwell

Isinya: Summer Kneece, Sophie Grant, Jacob Wallace, Charlie Caldwell

Enviroscape: Brianna Jordan, Robyn Leitner, Nick DiValentino, Jim Deal

Crestview: Regan Leitner, Zack Wallace, Aiden Meeker, Malia Bryan

Day 1 Results:

Nicholson Family Foundation/Carolina Eastern def. Triple C 3-2

Triple C def. Crescent in Shootout

Crescent def. Nicholson Family Foundation/Carolina Eastern 3-2

Isinya def. Enviroscape 3-1

Crestview def. Enviroscape 3-0

Isinya def. Crestview in shootout

Day 2 Results:

Triple C def. Enviroscape 5-3

Crestview def. Nicholson Family Foundation/Carolina Eastern 5-2

Crescent def. Isinya 6-5

Aiken All-Stars: Sophie Grant, Summer Kneece, Aiden Meeker, Charlie Caldwell, Hope Arellano, Harry Caldwell, Malia Bryan, Winston Painter, Ian Schnoebelen.

All-Stars: Winston Painter, Malia Bryan, Hope Arellano, Aiden Meeker, Charlie Caldwell, Harry Caldwell, Ian Schnoebelen, Summer Kneece, Sophie Grant

Best Playing Pony: Aplicada, played by Summer Kneece

Best Playing Pony, Aplicada pictured with Summer Kneece.
Best Playing Pony: Aplicada, played by Summer Kneece.

Prestonwood NYTS Qualifier

Prestonwood NYTS Qualifier Winner: Green - Johann Felhaber, Jack Whitman, Trenton Werntz, Francesa Felhaber.

Host Site: Prestonwood Polo Club, Oak Point, Texas

Participating Teams:

Prestonwood Red: Ryln Koger, James Long, Niklaus Felhaber, Vance Miller III

Prestonwood Green: Francesa Felhaber, Trenton Werntz, Jack Whitman, Johann Felhaber

Results: Prestonwood Green def. Prestonwood Red 5-4

All-Stars: Johann Felhaber, Vance Miller III, Niklaus Felhaber, Jack Whitman

Best Playing Pony: Pepsi, played by Jack Whitman

Best Playing Pony, Pepsi, pictured with Jack Whitman.
Best Playing Pony, Pepsi, played by Jack Whitman, pictured with Mrs. Michelle Whitman.

*Hope Arellano is a member of Team USPA. Team USPA is a USPA program designed to enhance and grow the sport of polo in the United States by identifying young, talented American players and providing mentored training and playing opportunities leading to a pool of higher rated amateur and pro players and the resultant giveback to the sport of polo.