Jun 22, 2018 8:30 PM

Hilario Figueras ©David Lominska
Novis Insurance's Hilario Figueras

Ivan Weiss took the reins of the former Antelope team, now Novis Insurance, for the final tournament of the summer, the Pacific Coast Intra-Circuit Cup, and quickly put two wins on the board defeating Klentner Ranch 12-9 and Farmers & Merchants Bank (FMB) 8-6. Peke Gonzalez led the charge for Novis Insurance, scoring seven of eight goals against FMB and an additional five against Klentner Ranch.

Jef Graham mounted up with Jim Wright, Felipe Vercellino and Herndon Radcliff to compete for Barrossa. Falling short to Klentner Ranch in the first round of play, Barrossa found their stride on Sunday, narrowly defeating Farmers & Merchants Bank in overtime 9-8. Barrossa’s Wright felt the pressure going into the second game of the tournament after falling short to Klentner Ranch on Friday. “Sunday’s game went down to the wire. When matches go into overtime, it really is anyone’s game - but we knew we had to stick to the basics and be disciplined throughout the chukker,” Wright said. “Jason Crowder substituted in for Felipe so the first few chukkers we had to adjust to his playing style. Jason plays a very open game, but once we all got in sync, I felt like we made steady progress through the final bell.”

Farmers & Merchants Bank's Marcos Bignoli hooks Barrossa's Herndon Radcliff. ©David Lominska
Farmers & Merchants Bank's Marcos Bignoli hooks Barrossa's Herndon Radcliff. ©David Lominska

All eyes were on 6-goaler Jesse Bray in Klentner Ranch’s win against team Barrossa. Bray proved to be a key part of their victory, scoring nine of the team’s 13 goals. The Klentner Ranch father-son duo, Justin and Luke Klentner, kickstarted Bray’s streak scoring one goal each with Wulff scoring the other two. Barossa seemed to be unlucky, having almost double as many shots on goal and losing their 6-goaler Vercellino in the last chukker due to three yellow cards. However, their unfortunate luck did not seem to phase Wright who remained steady throughout the final chukker, bringing the score to within three from a seven goal deficit in the sixth chukker.