Sep 22, 2016 9:30 AM

Aiken Polo Club Pam Gleason
Photo Credit: Pam Gleason

The National Copper Cup at Aiken Polo Club in Aiken, South Carolina, begins this week. Six teams, including defending champions Crestview Genetics, will compete in a three-week 12-goal tournament for the coveted trophy. The tournament was founded in 1975 and has been played at Aiken Polo Club since 2010.

Aiken is a booming equestrian hotspot, and Aiken Polo Club is proud to be one of the city’s main attractions. Spectators are invited to watch the games every Sunday afternoon during the season at Whitney Field, which is the oldest continuously played upon polo field in the country. Players are welcome to join the activities for a tournament, a season or the year. For more information visit their website.

Bracket A:
Crestview Genetics (3-0)
Kenny Ray Personal Fitness (0-3)
SD Farms (3,0)

Bracket B:
Bendabout (1,2)
LBL Polo (1,2)
Skaneateles (1,2)

Friday, September 23
11:00am ET - SD Farms def. Skaneateles (10-7)

Saturday, September 24
11:00am ET - Crestview def. LBL Polo (13-8)
1:00pm ET - Bendabout def. Kenny Ray Personal Fitness (16-10)

Tuesday, September 27
11:00am ET - LBL Polo def. Kenny Ray Personal Fitness (11-7)
4:00pm ET - SD Farms def. Bendabout (14-12)

Friday, September 30
4:00pm ET - Crestview def. Skaneateles (10-6)

Sunday, October 2
10:00am ET - Crestview def. Bendabout (12-11)
12:30pm ET - Skaneateles def. Kenny Ray Personal Fitness (16-14)

Tuesday, October 4
11:00am ET - SD Farms def. LBL Polo (9-8)

Thursday, October 6
11:00am ET - Bendabout def. SD Farms (14-6)

Friday, October 7
4:00pm ET - Crestview def. LBL Polo (14-8)

Sunday, October 9
3:00pm ET - Bendabout vs. Crestview


Crestview Genetics (12)
Alan Meeker A
Joaquin Panelo 4
Pedro Manion 3
Hugo Lloret 5

Kenny Ray Personal Fitness (12)
Barb Uskup A
Gabriel Crespo 3
Owen Rinehart 5
Antonio Galvan 4

SD Farms (12)
Sayyu Dantata 2
Tony Vita 3
Cesar Polledo 5
Bautista Micheletti 2

Bendabout (12)
Gillian Johnston 2
Hope Arellano B
Julio Arellano 8
Del Walton 3

LBL Polo (12)
Alison Patricelli A
Tom Uskup 2
Ulysses Escapite 4
Pelon Escapite 6

Skaneateles (12)
Marty Cregg A
Cesar Jimenez 1
Mariano Obregon 7
Geronimo Obregon 4