Apr 30, 2020 6:40 PM

Mashomack Polo Inc.

April 29, 2020

Dear Mashomack Polo Inc. Members,

While uncertainty still reigns at the moment, Mashomack Polo Inc. in Millbrook, New York, is committed to playing SAFE polo this summer, and we believe that it is achievable if we all work together.

Firstly, time is needed to prepare the Club, train horses, get pros and grooms into the country and allow this storm to pass. We will modify the Schedule of Play to start later and extend into October.

Schedule of Play
May 15 - Club opens for boarding and track ONLY.
June 7 - Stick and Ball opens for Members with horses boarded at the club ONLY.
June 12-13 - First practices for Members with horses boarded at the Club ONLY.
June 19-28 - Practices begin for all Members.
July 1-19 - Northeastern Circuit Officers Cup
July 1-26 - Mashomack Cup
July 22 - August 16 - Eddie Moore Memorial
August 19-29 - Briarcliff Cup
August 29 - September 13 - Tracey Mactaggart Challenge
September 2-6 - Stissing Cup
September 16-27 - Fall Classic
September 30 - October 11 - Northeastern Circuit Constitution Cup

Secondly, we need to develop and implement a set of safety protocols designed to keep all as safe and healthy as possible. The state of New York has already issued regulations for the management of equine facilities, and we will adopt and enforce those procedures on site. More difficult, we will need to agree on social guidelines that apply to all those working and playing at the Club, with each barn responsible for ensuring their staff adheres to the rules. More to come on this in the next few weeks.