Aug 07, 2017 6:42 PM

Foot Scrimmage

On July 30 the Cincinnati and Queen City Polo Clubs in Cincinnati, Ohio, joined efforts to host a Learn to Play Polo clinic at V&V Farms. USPA Certified Polo Instructor Kit Collins lead the clinic starting with a brief history of the sport, followed by foot mallets for swing instruction on the four basic shots used in polo. After the participants had learned how to properly hit the ball, rules were discussed. The line of ball and right of way was then demonstrated during a scrimmage on foot. While club members went to get the ponies ready at the trailers, clinic participants climbed aboard the virtual polo pony that Kit Collins helped to provide to Cincinnati Polo Club.

vIRTUAL polo Pony

The virtual pony gave the participants an idea of what to expect when they soon would try to hit the ball from a moving horse. Club members and clinic participants mounted up, practiced shots and then began to scrimmage on a shortened field. Fun was had by all and the clinic participants all stated they would be back either as future members or spectators. To contact Cincinnati Polo Club go to To contact Kit Collins or discover more about Virtual Polo and Swing Performance Analysis check out his website at