Aug 18, 2020 2:26 PM

Jeff Halls has won the Silver Cup® nine times.
Jeff Halls wins the Silver Cup® for the ninth time. ©CLICKPOLOUSA

Story Courtesy of ©CLICKPOLOUSA.

With Jeff Hall playing with Lucchese and defeating Antelope in the 2020 Silver Cup® final at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club (Carpinteria, California), he broke the record for most titles. “It was my ninth win and the record for the most wins. I have won this tournament all over the United States. I have won it with my father (John Hall), my brother (John W. Hall) and my stepmother (Leigh Anne Schnell Hall), who is the first woman to ever win it. The Silver Cup® is a very special tournament for our family.”

Having trained especially hard with Lucchese, Hall sees how his team's determination landed them this win. “In general, winning any tournament feels good. Our team has been working really hard this season and it feels good to have the hard work pay off. The Silver Cup® is one of the oldest and best tournaments in the United States,” Hall said.

When asked which Silver Cup® title was the most important to him, Jeff Hall said, “at nine wins, I can't really pick which one is most special to me. I look back fondly at them all. They are all special moments in my career.”

Lucchese Jeff Hall (SB20-11508) ©David Lominska web
Lucchese's Jeff Hall during the 2020 Silver Cup®. ©David Lominska.

Regarding this year's competition, he mentioned: “All the teams in Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club are very competitive. People bring their best horses out here. There is not a weak team in the tournament. There are eight teams and any one of them could have won. We are lucky and happy to have been in the finals and won to get the record”.

When asked about the final against Antelope, Jeff Hall said, "the first couple chukkers both teams were feeling each other out, finding the right formula to beat each other. Around the third chukker, I think we found that formula and were able to hold onto a lead for most of the way and were able to win.”

Polo continues to gain popularity in the United States, even with the global pandemic. "Polo in the United States is very healthy. Like with everywhere in the world, these are challenging times, but we are back on track and fortunate to be playing right now."