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Houston and Maui face off at the Girls' National Interscholastic Championship. ©Kaylee Wroe Photography
Houston and Maui face off at the Girls' National Interscholastic Championship. ©Kaylee Wroe Photography

Congratulations to the 2019 USPA Interscholastic Varsity Letter recipients! To earn a Varsity Letter, participants must meet all USPA eligibility requirements, play in at least four Intercollegiate/Interscholastic games, log a minimum of 100 hours riding/practicing and compete in an interscholastic tournament.

Anna Hale: Sophomore - Aiken (Aiken, South Carolina)

Mason Sease: Senior - Aiken (Aiken, South Carolina)

Faye Decker: Sophomore - Atlanta Regional Polo Center (Tyrone, Georgia)

Adrienne Lincoln: Sophomore - Atlanta Regional Polo Center (Tyrone, Georgia)

Caleb Cherry: Senior - Atlanta Regional Polo Center (Tyrone, Georgia)

Amy Kim*: Junior - Battlefield (Gainesville, Virginia)

Harrison Thomas*: Junior - Battlefield (Gainesville, Virginia)

Mary Santos: Freshman - Battlefield (Gainesville, Virginia)

Alexa Wright: Junior - Bluewater Creek (Rogersville, Alabama)

Ariadne Dogani: Freshman - Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Sabrina McLennon*: Junior - Buffalo (Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada)

Nicole Jaswal**: Junior - Buffalo (Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada)

Mackenzie Ridd**: Junior - Buffalo (Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada)

Brona Mayne: Junior - Buffalo (Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada)

Charlize Theresa Bisogni*: Senior - Central Coast (Los Osos, California)

Taylor Olcott: Sophomore - Central Coast (Los Osos, California)

Nicholas Paciorek*: Senior - Cornell (Ithaca, New York)

Drew Kessler*: Sophomore - Cornell (Ithaca, New York)

Susanna Manns: Freshman - Cornell (Ithaca, New York)

Jasmine Umrigar**: Senior - Cornell (Ithaca, New York)

Tom Ni: Senior - Culver (Culver, Indiana)

Caroline Mooney*: Sophomore - Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Jacob Wallace: Freshman - Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Zachary Wallace*: Sophomore - Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Winston Painter: Sophomore - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Elizabeth Leudesdorff*: Sophomore - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Jack Whitman: Freshman - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Emma Kriege: Sophomore - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Kathleen Kriege*: Junior - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Haley Kriege: Freshman - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

John Dencker***: Senior - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Elizabeth Bennett**: Senior - Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills, Maryland)

Kaylin Bender*: Senior - Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills, Maryland)

Emma DeYoung: Senior - Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills, Maryland)

Gabrielle Vivian de Gail: Junior - Hillside (Richfield, Wisconsin)

Taylor Nackers: Junior - Hillside (Richfield, Wisconsin)

Cara Kennedy*: Junior - Houston (Houston, Texas)

Grace Mudra*: Junior - Houston (Houston, Texas)

Joanie Jackson*: Junior - Houston (Houston, Texas)

Ethan Bankhead: Freshman - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Joaquin Martin Perez*: Junior - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Kylie Kufahl: Freshman - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Paige Kufahl**: Junior - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

David Kral**: Junior - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Thalia Postins: Freshman - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Franchesca Johannsen*: Junior - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Olivia Reynolds: Sophomore - Maryland (Jarretsville, Maryland)

Parker Pearce***: Senior - Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Aidan Tydings*: Sophomore - Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Cort Resh: Freshman - Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Grace Fleischmann: Freshman - Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Josephine Dorsey: Freshman - Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Catie Stueck*: Sophomore - Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Daniel Miranda: Freshman - Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Laura Coflin*: Sophomore - Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Alana Benz*: Junior - Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Kaiana Holland: Sophomore - Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Sunny Diller*: Sophomore - Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Maya Miller*: Sophomore - Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Willow Longerbeam: Sophomore - Mountain View (Charles Town, West Virginia)

Sierra Goff: Freshman - Mountain View (Charles Town, West Virginia)

Madelyn Amelia Shaw: Junior - Mountain View (Charles Town, West Virginia)

James Graykon*: Sophomore - Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Augustus Grotnik: Freshman - Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Shane Metternick: Sophomore - Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Grace Grotnik**: Senior - Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Reed Miller**: Junior - Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Chloe Irvine**: Senior - Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Sydney Morris: Sophomore - Poway (Poway, California)

Hannah Stock: Sophomore - Poway (Poway, California)

Remington Glasgow: Freshman - Poway (Poway, California)

Jasmine Lu: Freshman - Poway (Poway, California)

Vance Miller III***: Senior - Prestonwood (Oak Point, Texas)

Johann Felhaber*: Senior - Prestonwood (Oak Point, Texas)

Niklaus Felhaber*: Junior - Prestonwood (Oak Point, Texas)

Aubrey McVaney*: Junior - San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Victoria Mast*: Junior - San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Georgia Stone*: Sophomore - San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Stella Stone: Freshman - San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Carmen Sauer: Senior - San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Claire Kennedy*: Junior - South Bay (Gilroy, California)

Ajay Morturi: Sophomore - South Bay (Gilroy, California)

Natalie Clark*: Junior - South Bay (Gilroy, California)

Carson Tucker: Freshman - Triangle (Hurdle Mills, North Carolina)

Lauren Rapp: Junior - Virginia Jr (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Coco de Vink: Freshman - Virginia Jr (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Emmie Golkosky**: Senior - Virginia Jr (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Justin Hall: Junior - Lancaster-Work To Ride (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Christopher Veitch: Freshman - Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

Taylor Palacios**: Junior - Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

Vlad Tarashansky*: Sophomore - Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

*Denotes number of previously awarded Varsity Letters



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