Nov 22, 2021 9:42 PM

2022 IPS Schedule.

The International Polo School (IPS), based at the International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) in Wellington, Florida, is pleased to offer a full calendar of low-goal tournaments for the upcoming winter season. Beginning the first week of January, the 2022 IPS tournament schedule will run through the third week of May, offering 15 separate tournaments ranging from the 4-goal to the 12-goal level.

The 12-goal tournaments, collectively considered the IPC Spring Series, allow teams to compete on IPC fields at their peak condition. Teams are allowed the amazing opportunity of competing on U.S. Polo Assn. Field 1, an honor usually reserved only for professional high-goal teams. "Coaching league" tournaments, which are under the instruction of experienced polo professionals, are also offered for players to be introduced to tournament play in a safe and fun manner.

IPS tournaments are meant to cater to both IPS clients looking to advance within the game, as well as outside teams looking to compete at a world-class facility. All tournaments will conclude with a League Championship, Best Playing Pony, and Most Valuable Player award. In 2021, IPS held 107 practices and games across three fields. In 2022, IPS will have four top-quality tournament fields available for all levels.

"IPS has spent the last four seasons cultivating a unique atmosphere in Wellington, Florida. We have teams that come in from all over the country, as well as Canada. The atmosphere of practices is friendly and open, with the main focus being on the patrons and everyone having a chance to participate, commented Gates Gridley, IPS Manager. "Participants from every team will enjoy a top-tier experience, complete with a full schedule of games on various high-quality fields. We offer monthly tournament-draw parties in which all participating teams are invited, as well as weekly fieldside asados for clients and their friends and family. We believe it is important that our clients feel as if they are part of a community, where the doors are always open. We want our clients to not only look forward to the on-field activities that IPC and IPS offer in the winter, but also the social events that we offer when the game ends."

In addition to hosting tournaments, IPS allows fans of all ages to learn the rules of the game first-hand with individual lessons, simulation training, and team practices. The school employs instructors that teach the basics of riding, stick-and-ball techniques, and the overall strategy of a four-on-four match.

IPS has 40 horses for rent, lease, and sale; so whether you are planning a weekend trip to South Florida and want to bring your boots, or you are looking for a season-long package without having to bring your horses, IPS has you covered.

Teams interested in more information or securing a spot in tournament should contact Gates Gridley via email, or at 202-232-6935.

For more information please visit International Polo Club Palm Beach.



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