Jul 12, 2021 5:22 PM

I/I logo on trophy.

Congratulations to the 2021 USPA Interscholastic Varsity Letter recipients!

To earn a Varsity Letter, participants must meet all USPA Interscholastic eligibility requirements, play in at least four Intercollegiate/Interscholastic games, log a minimum of 100 hours riding/practicing and compete in a tournament.

Harrison Thomas*** - Battlefield (Gainesville, Virginia)

David James Miller - Battlefield (Gainesville, Virginia)

Sophia Gabrielle Doble - Battlefield (Gainesville, Virginia)

Ariadne Dogani** - Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Julia Schaefer* - Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Rehan Kumble* - Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Ajay Morturi** - Central Coast (Los Osos, California)

Taylor Olcott** - Central Coast (Los Osos, California)

Estella Michelle Mazzie - Chicago (Oswego, Illinois)

Isabella Taylor Vangel - Chicago (Oswego, Illinois)

Luke James Misukanis - Chicago (Oswego, Illinois)

Ferran Fernandez Servitje - Culver (Culver, Indiana)

Woods Kemmler* - Culver (Culver, Indiana)

Zecheng Zhao - Culver (Culver, Indiana)

Caroline Mooney*** - Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Jacob Wallace** - Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Zachary Wallace*** - Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Elizabeth Leudesdorff*** - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Jonathan Wallace* - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Mary James Duncan* - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Saralyn Painter - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Winston Painter** - Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Josephine Dorsey* - Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills, Maryland)

Victoria Picha - Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills, Maryland)

William Elliott Driscoll - Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills, Maryland)

William Thomas Mudra - Houston (Houston, Texas)

Cameron Munteanu - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Christian Munteanu - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Ethan Bankhead** - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Gerard Francis Blake II - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Jordyn Elaine Griffith - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Juliet Whitehead - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Kylie Kufahl** - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Oliver Wheatley - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Troy Wakefield - Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Aurora (Rory) Knox - Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Cort Resh** - Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Kyra Kepner - Maryland (Freeland, Maryland)

Willow Longerbeam** - Mountain View (Charles Town, West Virginia)

Augustus Grotnik** - Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Shane Metternick** - Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Catherine Reed* - Newport (Newport, Rhode Island)

Allie Bushong - Orange County (Silverado, California)

Mila Slutzky - Orange County (Silverado, California)

Jasmine Lu** - Poway (Poway, California)

Lukas T. Cobbs - Poway (Poway, California)

Marisa Carelli* - Poway (Poway, California)

Remington Glasgow** - Poway (Poway, California)

Sydney Morris** - Poway (Poway, California)

Zachery L. Cobbs - Poway (Poway, California)

Robby Mooney - Prestonwood (Oak Point, Texas)

Trenton W. Werntz - Prestonwood (Oak Point, Texas)

Alec Felhaber - Rancho Naranjo (Santa Teresa, New Mexico)

Cole Felhaber - Rancho Naranjo (Santa Teresa, New Mexico)

Francesca Felhaber - Rancho Naranjo (Santa Teresa, New Mexico)

Hanna Saurenman - St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri)

Winifred Branscum - St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri)

Faye Bettis - San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Gracie Calloway - San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Tatum Simone Foy Spriester - San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Zoe Rosenthal - San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Helena Bache - South Bay (Gilroy, California)

Timur Kotelnikov - South Bay (Gilroy, California)

Caroline Mathews - Sutter Buttes (Yuba City, California)

Elise Pardue - Sutter Buttes (Yuba City, California)

Liliana Gonzalez - Sutter Buttes (Yuba City, California)

Simone Harper - Sutter Buttes (Yuba City, California)

Abdullah Suleman Chaudhry - Tinicum (Erwinna, Pennsylvania)

Owen R. Halliday - Tinicum (Erwinna, Pennsylvania)

Carson Tucker* - Triangle (Hurdle Mills, North Carolina)

Nicole Anna Romach - Triangle (Hurdle Mills, North Carolina)

Lucy Steele* - West Shore (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

Luke Johnson Howe* - Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

Malachi Light - Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

Sage Dobson - Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

Sophia Deangelis - Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

*Denotes number of years player has received a Varsity Letter.