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©Mike Ryan.
©Mike Ryan.

Congratulations to our Interscholastic Varsity Letter recipients! To earn a Varsity Letter, participants must meet all USPA eligibility requirements, play in at least four I/I games, log a minimum of 100 hours riding/practicing and compete in an interscholastic tournament.

Player School Year Club

Amy Kim Sophomore Battlefield Park (Gainesville, Virginia)

Emmie Golkosky Junior Battlefield Park (Gainesville, Virginia)

Harrison Thomas Freshmen Battlefield Park (Gainesville, Virginia)

Zackary Coleman** Junior Being the Change (Phoenix, Arizona)

Elizabeth Walker Junior Bluewater Creek (Rogersville, Alabama)

Gracie Brown Freshmen Bluewater Creek (Rogersville, Alabama)

Elizabeth Owen Junior Equestrian and Polo Center of Boston (Georgetown, Massachusetts)

Nicole Jaswal* Sophomore Buffalo (Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada)

Cassidy Wood Junior Central Coast (Los Osos, California)

Taylor Olcott Freshmen Central Coast (Los Osos, California)

Charles Walker Senior Central Coast/Santa Barbara

Charlize Bisogni Junior Central Coast/Santa Barbara

Cory Williams* Senior Central Coast/Santa Barbara

Ford Middendorf Sophomore Commonwealth (Paris, Kentucky)

Angus Middleton Junior Commonwealth (Paris, Kentucky)

Aliah Debejian* Senior Cornell (Ithaca, New York)

Antoinette Miller Junior Cornell (Ithaca, New York)

Nick Paciorek Junior Cornell (Ithaca, New York)

Drew Kessler Freshmen Cornell (Ithaca, New York)

Freida Witmer* Senior Cornell (Ithaca, New York)

Jasmine Umrigar* Junior Cornell (Ithaca, New York)

Kurt Mion* Senior Country Farms (Medford, New York)

Vlad Tarashansky Freshmen Country Farms (Medford, New York)

Tori Mast Sophomore County Line (Medford, New York)

Victoria Suss Junior County Line (Medford, New York)

Aubrey McVaney Sophomore County Line (Medford, New York)

Abigayle McVaney Senior County Line (Medford, New York)

Zachary Wallace Freshmen Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Caroline Mooney Freshmen Franklin (Franklin, Tennessee)

Elizabeth Leudesdorff Freshmen Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

John Dencker** Junior Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Matteo Chaux* Sophomore Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Winston Painter Freshmen Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Nicholas DiValentino* Sophomore Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Joe Post** Senior Gardnertown (Newburgh, New York)

Elizabeth Bennett* Junior Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills, Maryland)

Kaylin Bender Junior Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills, Maryland)

Emma Sbragia Senior Hillside (Richfield, Wisconsin)

Sydney Weise Senior Hillside (Richfield, Wisconsin)

Carter Nix Senior Houston (Houston, Texas)

Cara Kennedy Sophomore Houston (Houston, Texas)

Joanie Jackson Sophomore Houston (Houston, Texas)

Grace Mudra Sophomore Houston (Houston, Texas)

Grayson Price Junior Houston (Houston, Texas)

Joaquin Martin Perez Sophomore Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Daschle Dunne Junior Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

David Kral* Sophomore Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Zoey Newton Sophomore Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Drew Hobscheid * Sophomore Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Paige Kufahl* Sophomore Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Franchesca Johannsen Sophomore Lakeside (Lakeside, California)

Catie Stueck Freshmen Maryland (Jarretsville, Maryland)

Grace Beck Freshmen Maryland (Jarretsville, Maryland)

Abbie Grant Junior Maryland (Jarretsville, Maryland)

Aidan Tydings Freshmen Maryland (Jarretsville, Maryland)

Jack McLean** Senior Maryland (Jarretsville, Maryland)

Madelyn Blum Senior Maryland (Jarretsville, Maryland)

Brennan Wells* Senior Maryland (Jarretsville, Maryland)

Sophie Grant Freshmen Maryland (Jarretsville, Maryland)

Maddie Grant* Senior Maryland (Jarretsville, Maryland)

Parker Pearce* Junior Maryland (Jarretsville, Maryland)

Laura Coflin Freshmen Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Alana Benz Sophomore Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Sunny Diller Freshmen Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Maya Miller Freshmen Maui (Makawao, Hawaii)

Avery Evans* Senior Midland (Midland, Texas)

April Galindo* Junior Midland (Midland, Texas)

Madison Lange Senior Midland (Midland, Texas)

Reed Miller* Sophomore Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Grace Grotnik* Junior Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

James Grayken Freshmen Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Chloe Irvine* Junior Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Maximillian Mehm Senior Myopia (South Hamilton, Massachusetts)

Skyler Dale* Senior Poway (Poway, California)

Ian Schnoebelen Junior Poway (Poway, California)

David Werntz* Senior Prestonwood (Oak Point, Texas)

Niklaus Felhaber Sophomore Prestonwood (Oak Point, Texas)

Johann Felhaber Junior Prestonwood (Oak Point, Texas)

Vance Miller III** Junior Prestonwood (Oak Point, Texas)

Kiya Gere Senior Rose City (Vancouver, Washington)

Georgia Stone Freshmen San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Rowan Neidinger Junior San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Anne Ebersold*** Senior Simsbury (Simsbury, Connecticut)

Claire Kennedy Sophomore South Bay (Gilroy, California)

Natalie Clark Sophomore South Bay (Gilroy, California)

Rachel Booth Senior Virginia Jrs (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Lauren Victoria Rapp Sophomore Virginia Jrs (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Pelham Hardie** Senior West Shore (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania)

Benjamin Sullivan Senior West Shore (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania)

Sarah Lynch Sophomore West Shore (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania)

Louisa Huber** Senior West Shore (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania)

Marc Harris* Senior Work to Ride (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Taylor Palacios* Sophomore Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

Noah Fioravanti* Senior Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

Claire Wieser** Senior Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

Digvijay Singh** Senior Yale (Bethany, Connecticut)

*Denotes number of previously awarded Varsity Letters