Oct 31, 2017 8:39 PM

Image of National Arena Chairman's Cup winners: California Polo Club
National Arena Chairman's Cup winners: CPC.

Located fifteen minutes from Hollywood, California Polo Club(CPC) is a prominent Pacific Coast polo club. Situated in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County and surrounded by the Transverse Ranges mountains, they offer a nearby country escape in contrast to the high-stress, busy lives of many of their members. Their outstanding polo school, home to no less than 150 students, has produced many talented players over the past two decades. A solid club league with a variety of traveling tournament options, combined with a turnkey and amazingly affordable boarding facility, have given rise to a burgeoning club in a thriving metropolis.

Over the weekend of October 28-29, CPC hosted the National Arena Chairman’s Cup. Four teams met to play for the national 9- to 12-goal title, as well as a chance to have their name added to the long list of notable winners of the tournament.

California Polo Club played host to the 2017 USPA Chairman’s Cup and saw an impressive turnout. The semi-finals were held on Friday, October 27 at the club in northern Los Angeles. The first game pitted CPC (Domingo Questel 6, Alejandro Nordheimer 4, Rick Karayan 0) against Arroyo Polo (Robin Ormerod 5, Skyler Dale 2, Chuck Stanislawski 2). It was a close game with a tied score going into the third chukker at 6-6 when Questel and Nordheimer played a strong defense and were able to shut down Dale and Ormerod to pull ahead 10-6. Dale came back on his best horse in the fourth making three consecutive goals, but ultimately was unable to control Questel and Nordheimer who won the game 13-10. The second match of the evening was dominated by the young English player Sebastian Hancock of Mercenarios (Sebastian Hancock 5, Ernie Ezcurra 4, Jeff Lin 0) who lead his team to a resounding victory over LA Training Center (Victor Soto 3, Kailey Elderedge 3, Kirsten Ludwig 3).

Image of Arena Chairman's Cup polo players

On Saturday evening the consolation and final were held in front of a large crowd that dined on sushi, specialty ice cream and authentic Mexican food. Proceeds benefited the Right to Succeed charity with helps to improve public school education. The consolation was a fast-paced, exciting game. The score was close the entire game with both teams taking advantage of the new 2-point rule from behind the 25-yard line. While LA Training Center put up a good fight, they were no match for the Arroyo Polo who won 15-13. The final was a showcase for amazing polo, as all players fought in a very close game. Umpires Dana Fortugno and Ardeshir Radpour kept the game safe, but open as the play progressed. CPC dominated the first half with a score of 12-6 at half time. However, Hancock and Ezcurra could not be kept down and rebounded with an amazing third chukker to close the gap with four goals bringing the score within two. The fourth chukker saw one goal answered for another, but CPC was able to maintain their lead and finished the game with a fianal score of 17-14.

Image of Best Playing Pony Dalayla
Best Playing Pony Dalayla.

Awards were given to all players by tournament sponsor Cheval Polo, and each winning player received a personalized jacket. Best Playing Pony was awarded to Dalayla owned by Elizabeth Humphries and played by Sebastian Hancock in the third chukker. Rick Karayan’s horse Rubia won Amateur Best Playing Pony. Jeff Lin was awarded knee pads from Jackson Hole Horse Emporium for Amateur Most Valuable Player, while Cheval Polo awarded Domingo Questel with a pair of custom made boots for Most Valuable Player.