Jul 09, 2019 3:00 PM

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The National Youth Tournament Series Program was established to provide youth players the opportunity to compete against their peers in USPA-sanctioned outdoor tournaments. At each qualifier, All-Stars are selected by an appointed committee. All-Stars are then eligible to be selected for one of the four open region teams or two female regional teams to compete in the NYTS Championship Cecil Smith Cup and Girls All-Star Challenge. Semifinals and finals for both tournaments will be livestreamed starting on Friday, September 6, with both finals to be held on Sunday, September 8, at New Bridge Polo & Country Club in Aiken, South Carolina.

The NYTS qualifier has been designed for upper-intermediate to advanced youth players, those capable of holding a minimum of a “-1” handicap. Click here for more information.

Black Diamond Polo Club NYTS Qualifier

Team Canada
Black Diamond Polo Club NYTS Qualifier Champions: Team Canada - Adam Ramson, Chet Nelson, Dante Munguia, Will Schneider.

Host site: Black Diamond Polo Club, Millarville, Alberta, Canada

Black Diamond
Brennan Peters
Hope Kerley
Sabine Stobbe
Macie Nelson

Matt Schneider
Mackenzie Brewin
Nadia Stobbe
Grace Tanton

Chet Nelson
Will Schneider
Adam Ramson
Dante Munguia

Results: Canada defeated Black Diamond 3-1
All-Stars: Mackenzie Brewin, Hope Kerley, Will Schneider, Matt Schneider, Chet Nelson
Best Playing Pony: Kalliope played by Hope Kerley

Black Diamond BPP
Best Playing Pony, Kalliope, pictured with Hope Kerley.

Myopia Polo Club NYTS Qualifier: A-Flight

A Flight winners
Myopia Polo Club NYTS Qualifier A-Flight Champions: Myopia - Benji Daniels, Chloe Irvine, Zak Coleman, Vlad Tarashansky.

Host site: Myopia Polo Club, South Hamilton, Massachusetts

Grace Grotnik
Matteo Chaux
Reed Miller
John Dencker

Pony Express
Augie Grotnik
Nazar Khan
Landen Daniels
Joe Post

Chloe Irvine
Vlad Tarashansky
Zak Coleman
Benji Daniels

A Flight All-Stars
Myopia Polo Club NYTS Qualifier A-Flight All-Stars: Benji Daniels, Vlad Tarashansky, Reed Miller, Landen Daniels, Joe Post.

Results: Myopia defeated Gardnertown 1-0
All-Stars: Benji Daniels, Joe Post, Landen Daniels, Reed Miller, Vlad Tarashansky
Best Playing Pony: Bolton played by Benji Daniels

A Flight BPP
Best Playing Pony, Bolton, played by Benji Daniels.

Myopia Polo Club NYTS Qualifier: B-Flight

B Flight participants
Myopia Polo Club NYTS Qualifier B-Flight participants: Brynn Roberts, Eduardo Palacios, Sophia DeAngelis, Saralyn Painter, Connelly Cashen, Luke Howe. Not pictured: James and William Grayken.

Host site: Myopia Polo Club, South Hamilton, Massachusetts

Sophia DeAngelis
Brynn Roberts
Eduardo Palacios
James Grayken

Saralyn Painter
Connelly Cashen
Luke Howe
William Grayken

Results: Myopia defeated Yale 2-0
Sophia DeAngelis, Saralyn Painter, William Grayken, Connelly Cashen
Best Playing Pony:
Maruca played by Sophia DeAngelis

B-Flight BPP
Best Playing Pony, Maruca, played by Sophia DeAngelis.