Jan 14, 2019 9:26 PM

Hobe sound polo sign

Polo has many history-rich places. One of them is Hobe Sound Polo Club (HSPC). Founded 12 years ago, only a 35-minute drive away from Wellington, Florida, it's a large facility with great conditions for polo.

Unfortunately they have had some rough patches. "Once the project was finished, the economy in the U.S. fell in 2008. The club didn't get started and, after it remained closed for a few years, I was lucky to find the owners and we agreed to bring back life to polo in this fantastic place," said Pablo Dorignac, one of the managers of the project and professional polo player. Immediately, he invited Cali Garcia-Velez to be a part of the project, because of his experience in the Palm Beach Polo Club and Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic. Thus, the club opened its doors with six fields, one of which has its own stables with 24 stalls, plus a private golf course, 'Grove 23,' which is owned by the NBA legend Michael Jordan, which will be played in for the first time in March, and has terrain available for purchase.

Pablo Dorignac.
Pablo Dorignac.

The same professional structure that keeps the golf field in perfect conditions, plus a brand new watering system, put the polo fields in great condition, ready to host teams and players of all levels. "Besides how great HSPC is structurally, the most important for us is how it is socially,” continued Dorignac. “We want people to come and never want to leave, become friends outside of the sport and add new people to the group we have from previous years." Another club that offers great polo and a lot of action. It's certainly great news.

Hobe Sound Polo has set its goals for the 2019 season. "This season we want to focus on low- and medium-handicap tournaments and practice matches, we also have excellent fields for high-goal practice. We want to create a good environment, friendly and fun, but that is also competitive. It is our priority. We want people to come and have fun to create new patrons and players and give new motivation to the ones that were starting to get bored," said Pablo Dorignac.

hobe sound barn

"The future of HSPC is simple, we want to keep growing by providing a good product at a competitive price, always keeping the spirit of wanting to be a club where anyone, no matter their handicap,” said Garcia-Velez. The club will be catered with the best services we can provide, and our clients will become our friends. By next year, we'll also have dressage and hunter jumper in addition to polo. HSPC is really a unique place in the equestrian world due to its location and the offer for terrain. We are already playing practice matches on Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays. Matches start on January 18. I want to note that, for those who only visit Florida for a few days, we do have horses for rental, and players available for one or two-day VIP tournaments. We have stables and stalls of different sizes available to rent, and the area is close to a 4,000-acre national forest where you can take your horses for a stroll".