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Agon’s polo career began in 1992 when he was 16 years old at the Honolulu Polo Club. From there, he moved to Carlos Galindo’s ranch in Indio, California and eventually on to the San Diego Polo Club where he lived on site for eight years grooming and training horses. It was there that he also picked up shoeing and began a side career as a farrier. Khai then traveled back and forth from California to Texas to Florida, playing and working for very influential players in the polo world. Khai made a name for himself all over the country before returning to Hawaii in 2011. He returned to the Honolulu Polo Club where he started a polo school in 2016. He believes that patience, empathy and positive reinforcement are all necessary when teaching horses and humans. Khai is now the Honolulu Polo Club Operations Director and Polo School Manager.

What has been one of your favorite teaching memories?
“It usually happens every lesson- the moment that the light goes off in the student’s head, ‘I can do this.'”