Certified and Honorary Polo Instructors


Peter Poor

Honorary USPA Certified Polo Instructor, Level 1

Newbury, MA

Peter has been a member of the USPA for 49 years and earned his USPA Certification in 2015. He comes from a polo playing family with his grandfather, uncles, and father all involved in the sport; he first began playing at the age of 6 and was taught primarily by his father. In 1983 he began teaching polo as a way to keep active in the sport and build a business that would take him into retirement. Currently Peter teaches at his farm in Newbury, at the Stage Hill Polo School, and at Myopia Polo Club, as well as other venues. Peter’s involvement in the USPA has been extensive through the years. He was the Governor of the Northeast Circuit for 12 years, and is currently serving as a Governor at Large. He was Chairman of the USPA Tournament Committee for 12 years, and is still currently an active member of the committee. Additionally he sits on the Equine Welfare Committee at Myopia Polo Club and is a Massachusetts Certified Equine Instructor.

What has been one of your favorite teaching memories?
“My proudest accomplishment has been my 3 daughters’ involvement in the sport of polo. Each was taught riding and playing skills as well as horsemanship and good conduct as a competitive player. Each of my daughters is now actively involved in the sport in her own way, carrying on the family tradition in polo.”



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