Certified and Honorary Polo Instructors


Hilary Mroz-Blythe

USPA Certified Polo Instructor, Level 1

Amherst, MA

Hilary joins the CPI program with an extensive horsemanship background as an H-A certified instructor from the U.S. Pony Club. As a freshman in college, Hilary boarded her horse at the polo coach's wife's barn. The coach saw Hilary and a friend riding and convinced them to try out for the first-year polo team. Since, Hilary has been a member of USPA for over 25 years! Her teaching career began in 2003 at her family farm, when a couple students from the University of Massachusetts came by looking for boarding for their horses in the fall. They expressed interest in learning how to play polo. Hilary told them to find at least two other girls and they would put together a team. That fall they returned with 12 other girls all wanting to learn how to play the game. Today, in 2018 Hilary still coaches the thriving team.

What is one of your favorite teaching memories?

We don't have an indoor arena which can make practice in the winter rather challenging especially with prelim games being early in the year. One year I had my team practice a drill using a snow bank in the parking lot as the end wall. During their first game at prelims they were presented with the exact scenario. All I had to do was yell "snowbank" and they knew to check down at the wall and walk the ball to the goal.



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