United States Polo Association®


Emily Dewey

Mattawan, MI

Emily initially became involved in polo while attending Michigan State University and getting her BS in Animal Science. She learned about their polo club through their Horseman’s Association. She began as an exercise rider, then decided to tryout for the JV team her second semester. Eventually, she ended up on the varsity team. Additionally, Emily worked at clubs in Detroit, Chicago, and Grand Rapids through summer opportunities. Emily began teaching polo at the MSU club, where the varsity members were required to help teach the new members basic polo swings and skills. After graduation, she took an assistant coaching position under Cindy Halle at Garrison Forest School. She currently works for the USPA’s Polo Development LLC as part of the Intercollegiate/Interscholastic staff, but still does clinics and club consults for the I/I clubs around the country.

What has been one of your favorite teaching memories?

“Watching the GFS and West Shore kids play at tournaments and random travel moments while coaching. I think my favorite memories are the ones where you see a kid light up with understanding during a drill. I also love when I get to watch students play after I’ve coached them and see their success. Just to know you helped them become the player they are now is extremely rewarding."