Certified and Honorary Polo Instructors


Michael Denby

USPA Certified Polo Instructor, Level 1

Scottsdale, Arizona

Michael first became a member of the USPA in 1982 for over a decade, recently rejoining in 2016. For the last three years, Michael has focused on helping the next generation of polo players learn to play and love the game. He is currently coaching, umpiring, and playing at the Arizona Polo Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Michael was first introduced to polo in the early 80’s when Robert “Bob” Human’s trailer broke down outside of Springfield, Illinois. Bob’s trailer was heading from St. Louis to Chicago for a polo tournament, but they ended up stabling the horses at Michael’s thoroughbred farm for a couple days while the trailer was being repaired. Michael played his first pick-up game and Bob quickly ordered him to get more horses, a larger trailer, and come play with the St. Louis Polo Club. Over the next decade, Michael and his two brothers, Peter and Wade, would become a cornerstone of the St. Louis Polo Club, playing with Human, Stevie Orthwein, Dolf, the von Gontards, Dr. Anne "Broeder" Branscum, Andy and Billy Busch. After college, Michael stopped playing for 20 years, but in 2015 his daughter asked to play polo. Joining the Arizona Polo Club reignited Michael’s love for the game and he has been hooked ever since, now playing with his daughter.

What has been one of your favorite teaching memories?

"My favorite teaching memory was the first day I used video swing analytics. Being able to give instant feedback by showing the student their swing in slow motion enabled them to actually see their swing and correct the errors, which reinforced proper technique."



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