Certified and Honorary Polo Instructors


Anthony Condo

USPA Certified Polo Instructor, Level 1

Ithaca, NY

Anthony has been a member of the USPA for 13 years and earned his USPA Certification in 2016. Anthony’s polo career began during the winter of 2003 at an adult beginner’s clinic hosted over the intersession break at Cornell. This was after riding at Cornell’s Oxley Equestrian Center over the previous summer and seeing arena polo played on rainy days in the area. After showing a keen interest in the sport, David Eldredge asked him to be more involved in helping the program, being as he was a local and could consistently help the team over the years in whatever manner he could provide. That started with accompanying the kids to away games, umpiring chukkers and games, teaching students of all-levels, all the while striving to become a better player himself. He has been teaching and coaching with Cornell Polo since 2004, making this year his 13th season with the program. He teaches first-year, junior varsity, and varsity players of all riding and playing levels year-after-year. Since 2015, he has been the acting coach/organizer of the Cornell Interscholastic Polo Program, and has coached their Open division team during their season for the past two years and counting. Additionally, Anthony has been a USPA certified umpire since 2007 and has actively umpired at the pre-Regional, Regional, and National levels.

What has been one of your favorite teaching memories?
“I love to see the joy on my kids’ faces when they win their tournament games at any level they participate. This is particularly true since at the Interscholastic level, our kids have all come in knowing nothing about the sport and in some cases, very little about riding. So, to see them learn from us and translate that knowledge into wins on the field is really special to me.”



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