In April of 2018, the USPA Junior Polo Committee created a special fund called the Young Player Opportunity Fund in order to assist youth players seeking opportunity to improve in the sport of polo. The YPO Funding program is intended to provide funding for youth players to use for opportunities that will cultivate, train, develop and educate, 19 and under American Polo Players in effort to enhance their playing ability at a young age.

This fund will be used as a tool to accomplish the USPA stated goal of enhancing the skills of young players that will ultimately produce the best high goal professional and amateur polo players in the world.


The USPA’s YPO Grant is a reimbursement program. Its purpose is to enhance the level of polo that is regularly available to the individual and encourage a thoughtful and creative plan toward helping a player improve in their playing and/or horsemanship abilities.

Read YPO Funding Guidelines

  1. Fill out YPO application
  2. Application for funding will be reviewed at the next YPO review meeting
  3. If approved, you will set up and pay for your approved reimbursable expenses
  4. Get Reimbursed

2024 YPO Funding Guidelines and Application

Applicant and parent must sign the 20224YPO Funding Guidelines in order for application to be reviewed.

1. Complete the YPO Application

2. Review and sign 2024 YPO Funding Guidelines