The Mission Statement of the USPA Umpires, LLC is to advise the USPA Chairman and Board of Governors about all aspects of umpire training, education and certification including: advisement pertaining to consistent umpire rules and interpretation enforcement; updates to the USPA Umpire Guide.

The LLC also oversees the administration process for umpire certifications including the USPA Professional Umpires. The Head Umpire Instructor manages the USPA Umpire Training and Certification Program for the USPA Umpires, LLC.

For USPA trained and certified umpires, adherence to high standards and professionalism earns respect from players and clubs as well as results in pride within the ranks of certified umpires. For players and clubs, umpiring excellence will be witnessed on the polo field and taught in USPA approved umpire clinics and seminars. Umpiring excellence makes the sport safer, more competitive and more fun to play and watch.

Umpire enforcement of the USPA Rules and Rules Interpretations is one of the highest priorities for all certified umpires. USPA members must feel confident that the certification rating reflects the highest level of training and observation for that umpire rating. High-quality umpires are high-value assets and should be considered a top priority when hosting USPA events creating a viable polo club culture.