USPA member clubs are encouraged to host Umpire Clinics to refine the skills of club umpires and to review USPA rules, rule interpretations, and their implementation. The USPA Umpires, LLC will schedule an instructor to teach both outdoor and arena clinics based on their availability. The Umpire Clinic/Rules Review Program is a service the USPA Umpires, LLC provides to all USPA member clubs.


Programs are instructional and oriented toward improving the skill and safety levels of all participants

Programs are generally applicable to a broad range of participants

Programs may require certain levels of riding experience for safety

USPA Umpires, LLC will arrange for an instructor that is qualified to teach at the level of your clinic.

Clubs will be invoiced $700.00 for each clinic. This fee covers the instructor’s fee, airfare, transportation and lodging.

To allow for lower airfares and to help with the availability of an instructor, a minimum of four weeks’ notice is required when requesting a clinic

All attendees seeking certification in the clinic must be current members of the USPA. This membership requirement assures Participant Excess Liability Insurance coverage.

An Umpire Clinic and a PUMP/8 tournament may coincide; however, the club will be invoiced for both an instructor and a professional umpire.

USPA Umpires, LLC is available to discuss special circumstances or programs which do not fit the standard package.

For further assistance, please contact Bradley Biddle at