There are four steps to becoming a USPA Certified Umpire:

Pay the current year USPA Individual Member fee.

  1. Take the current year Outdoor or the Arena Rules test (annually) and obtain a grade from the USPA. (Note: In order to receive or maintain an Umpire Certification from “CU” to “C4” the minimum grade of 95% (Outdoor), 94% (Arena), must be met on the Annual Rules Test: This applies to certified umpires). Each certified umpire must complete the Rules Test by December 1 each and every year in order to maintain certification for the coming year.
  2. Be observed (every three years) and a recommendation made by a designated USPA Umpire Certifier. (Note: It is not a certainty that members will be awarded an Umpire Certification after being evaluated. Umpire Certification recommendations must be forwarded to Executive Director of USPA Umpires LLC Fergus Gould at
  3. All USPA Umpire Certifications are approved and recorded by the USPA Umpires, LLC Committee. Umpires LLC Professional Umpire are able to certify umpire one level below their own certification, and professional status.

Individuals seeking Umpire Certification are responsible for completing Items 1, 2 and 3 above.

Rules tests can be obtained at and completed on-line. A list of Umpire Certifiers can be found at and individuals requesting Umpire Certification ratings must insure that Umpire Certification recommendations are submitted to the USPA office at: 9011 Lake Worth Rd. - Lake Worth, FL 33467.

After items 1-3 above are completed by the individual requesting Umpire Certification, all Umpire Certifications will be approved by the USPA. A list of approved Umpire Certifications will be posted on the USPA website at and updated periodically.

Umpire training and certification is available to all USPA members with an emphasis on growing the number of certified umpires to be available to member clubs for all club and USPA events.

The USPA Umpires, LLC creates a career path for professional umpires, which includes a national roving umpire who umpires member club events, conducts clinics, provides feedback for certifications, and identifies new umpire talent.

For more information about Umpire Certification and Training, contact Executive Director of USPA Umpires LLC Fergus Gould at