Mission Statement: The mission of the USPA Umpires, LLC, is to support all aspects of the umpire services and programs within the United States Polo Association. This includes training and certification, support of the USPA professional umpires, the club and circuit umpire expense reimbursement program, along with the umpire exchange program.

Chairman: Mike Carney
Executive Director of USPA Umpires LLC: Fergus Gould
Staff: Maggie Mitchell (Umpires Executive Administrator), Bradley Biddle (Arena Umpire Director), Jennifer Furlow (Umpires Financial Analyst), Deb Ferro (Administrative Assistant), Elise Markell (Umpires Administrative Assistant)
Advisory Board Members: Stewart Armstrong, Graham Bray, Cynthia Halle, KC Krueger, Stevie Orthwein, William Raab

The USPA Umpires, LLC, manages the USPA Professional Umpire Program and is responsible for:

  • The solicitation and training of USPA Professional Umpires.
  • Developing apprentice opportunities to develop and market USPA Professional Umpires who have obtained a “P3” and “P4” certification.
  • Conducting periodic meetings of all USPA Professional and Certified Umpires at regional polo venues.
  • Interacting with USPA member clubs to solicit and market USPA umpire services.
  • Interacting with USPA member clubs to review and evaluate USPA umpire services and adherence to the USPA Rules and Interpretations by USPA Certified Umpires.
  • Defining and monitoring established high standards of excellence for umpire professionalism and demeanor.