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Trophy Reimbursement

20-Goal trophy

The USPA offers a Trophy Reimbursement Program (TRP) for clubs hosting USPA National and Circuit Events. This will allow clubs to purchase their own winners’ awards and then be reimbursed for a set amount (shown below).

Clubs will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Submit a Tournament Application:
    • Circuit Event
    • National Event
  2. Designate on the application that the club will be using the TRP.
  3. Order trophies. Prize Possessions,, and Sterling Cut Glass,, offer a discount for USPA tournaments. You may also use a trophy supplier of your choice.
  4. Fill out the Reimbursement Form
  5. Submit the purchase receipt and Reimbursement Form to Kaila Dowd at

This program cannot be used for the following tournaments:

  • National Youth Tournament Series
  • Circuit Hall of Fame Challenge
  • USPA/PTF Seniors Tournament

Reimbursement Amounts:

  • Circuit Outdoor Event: $160
  • Circuit Arena Event: $160
  • National Outdoor Event: $1,200
  • National Arena Event: $1,200



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