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USPA Women's Arena Handicap.

The USPA created the Tournament Stimulus Package (TSP) to help its Member Clubs host USPA Events when the United States was emerging from the first wave of the COVID-19 crisis. The USPA wants to continue to support its Member Clubs with TSP benefits in 2022. Therefore, it has extended and expanded TSP under a new name - the Tournament Support Program. To participate, Member Clubs must adhere to the Tournament Support Program Guidelines.

Tournament applications must be submitted one month prior to the tournament start date. Tournament play dates must be confirmed two weeks in advance and team rosters need be verified seven days prior to securing TSP benefits. Clubs that cancel or make changes to the dates after that date may be charged additional umpire fees.

Prize money is contingent on confirmation of four eligible teams and paid after the tournament is played with results entered in the Tournament Database. USPA prize money must be awarded to the winning team(s).