Legacy Series.

The USPA Legacy Series stemmed from an idea to rename and restructure the 10-14 Goal USPA Regional Classics. The idea morphed into developing a series to increase the demand for medium goal tournaments and develop a stronger brand value that USPA Clubs are eager to host. The USPA developed the idea to recognize Memorial Tournaments from individual clubs to tie the rich history of the sport and create a prestigious series that unites clubs around the country.


  • Clubs are to host a tournament within the range of 10-16 Goals, depending on the region and the demand in the area. Ex: 10-14 goals and 12-16 goal level
  • Each club may designate a USPA Memorial Tournament to be played as part of the Legacy Series
  • Tournaments must have a minimum of four teams competing to be eligible, team rosters to be verified one week in advance.

2024 Test Tournaments/ Feedback:

  • In 2024 the USPA will offer the Event to be hosted at four USPA Clubs
    • Application process:
      • Application deadline is March 8, 2024
      • Sub-Committee will evaluate applications and approve the four events:
        • Consideration for regional for more diverse feedback
        • Consideration for maximum team participation
    • Post Tournament Survey/ Follow-up to Club and Participants


    • Clubs may apply for Prize Money Matching Program and the Bridge to High Goal Initiative
    • USPA will provide the following to each host club:
      • Winner Trophies
      • Runner-Up Trophies
      • Best Playing Pony Sheet
      • Promotional Flutter Flags
      • Hats and other swag
    • Communications Department will offer special Tournament Coverage/Marketing Support, etc.

    To take advantage of the 2024 Legacy Polo Series complete the application to be approved by the below committee

    Legacy Polo Series Committee:
    Tournament Committee Chairman- Stephen Orthwein Jr.
    Two Tournament Committee Members- Stewart Armstrong and Daniel Walker
    Executive Director of Services- Carlucho Arellano
    Director, Governance and Operations- Lindsey Ebersbach
    Tournament Manager- Kaila Dowd
    Chief Operating Officer- Chris Green (will have final approval of all awards)