USPA National I/I Alumni Tournament – The Feldman Cup


2024 USPA National I/I Alumni Tournament

©David Murrell

The Feldman Cup
Location: Central Coast Polo Club, Los Osos, CA
Date: July 5-7


1. Open to All I/I Alumni

2. Must be a current USPA Member

3. Players must have participated in one of the following:

  • a. Played in an I/I Alumni tournament
  • b. Be an active coach of an I/I team
  • c. Umpired at least 3 I/I Regular season or USPA I/I Tournament games
  • d. Tournament managed at least one USPA I/I Tournament
  • e. Donation in the form of a horse, tack, equipment, or monetary* to an I/I team. *Not including the entry fee
  • f. Volunteered 10 hours in support of an I/I club

4. Entry Fee: $100 donation to an I/I team of your choice

For questions or more information, contact Amy Fraser at

Players must be I/I alum and current USPA Members. Players are responsible for organizing/renting their own horses. Games will begin Friday evening, if available two flights will be offered. Once all registrations are received, the HTC will make the teams and distribute the game schedule. Please on the registration form your preferred flight and teammates. The HTC will do their best accommodate all requests while still making the teams/games as even as possible. Entries will close on June 14th or when the flights are full, whichever comes first, and filled on a first come first served basis. Only completed registrations with proof of entry fee will be considered entered.

For contacts on local horse rentals, please contact Megan Judge: 805-801-9410

2025 Feldman Cup: Coming to Lakeside Polo Club in June!

©David Murrell

The Feldman Cup



I really want to play but I haven’t played since college. Is that okay?

Yes! We encourage all past I/I participants to take part! Please note on the form your current riding and playing level so we can match you with an appropriate horse and players.

Will horses be provided?

Players will be responsible for sourcing their own horses. The host site will have a limited number of horses available for rent, please contact them early and directly to secure ponies.

Can I bring my own horse?


Can I play with my old team?

Depending on interest, we may be able to offer two flights: An upper more competitive flight, and a more relaxed B flight. The host tournament committee will do their best to mix and match players on levels and who they would like to play with. There is space on the form to list teammate preferences.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to supply your own personal equipment: boots, helmet, etc.