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2023 I/I Womens Collegiate

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Harvard University3-2
University of Connecticut (UCONN)1-1
Cornell University (Cornell)2-2
Skidmore College2-2
University of Massachusetts0-2
Georgetown University0-2
Yale University0-2


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DateHome Vs AwayNotesScore
11/18/2023Michigan State vs. Georgetown University (Georgetown) 9-3 final
11/18/2023University of South Carolina-Aiken (USC-Aiken) vs. Cornell University (Cornell) 19-9 final
11/13/2023Harvard vs. UMASS 21-7 final
11/12/2023Cornell University (Cornell) vs. Skidmore 18-1 final
11/11/2023Maryland vs. Cornell University (Cornell) 29-1 final
11/5/2023Cornell University (Cornell) vs. Harvard 12-3 final
11/4/2023UCONN vs. Skidmore 9-5 final
10/28/2023University of Kentucky (UK) vs. Cornell University (Cornell) 22-0 final
10/22/2023Harvard vs. Georgetown University (Georgetown) 15-4 final
10/13/2023Skidmore vs. UMASS 9-8 final
10/13/2023UCONN vs. Yale 25-9 final
10/8/2023Harvard vs. UCONN 11-10 final
10/6/2023Skidmore vs. Yale 10-5 final
9/29/2023California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) vs. Harvard 20-2 final